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Limited administrators would be contributors with access to some, but not all, permissions allocated to administrators.

Current (de facto) Wikipedia policy is to grant administrative access to anyone who has been an active Wikipedia contributor for a while and is generally a known and trusted member of the community. In practice, standards have risen so that this is not the case. However, due to the growsing size of the community and the growing notoriety of the site vandalism has become a larger problem. With so many users it can be difficult to know everyone and therefore to be able to give an informed vote on adminship requests. Limited adminship would be a stepping stone for users to prove that they can work with administrator tools and use them responsibly. Limited administrators would at some point be able to request "full" adminship in the normal way.


For a full list of administrative permissions, see Wikipedia:Administrators
  • Additional user access levels
  • Deletion of articles created within three days
  • Ability to move articles over existing articles created within three days

Some of these permissions would require changes to the MediaWiki software.


Limited administrators would be encouraged to assist in these places.