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This is an archive of Wikipedians by order of arrival in 2002.

December 2002[edit]

November 2002[edit]

October 2002[edit]

September 2002[edit]

August 2002[edit]

July 2002[edit]

June 2002[edit]

April 2002[edit]

  • Eric Hanson April 9
  • Dan Rose April 4
  • Karen Johnson – first contributed April 4 – Extreme Newbie!
  • Miguel Carrión April 6/7 – so which is it, Miguel, Apr 6 or Apr 7? – First edit on April 6, homepage on April 7, apparently.
  • Ktsquare – can't recall, someday in mid April.
  • Aldie – April 6 seems to be my first logged in edit, although I made a few anonymously through February/March.

March 2002[edit]

February 2002[edit]

  • JeLuF (about February 26)
  • pgdudda (February 25, with earlier anonymous contributions.)
  • Jani Melik aka XJamRastafire (February 23)
  • Eclecticology registerd on my birthday (February 17), but a few earlier anon edits
  • Oliver Menge (February 15)
  • Eanorel
  • Ben (February 4)
  • Danny (first article, some earlier, anonymous contributions before that)
  • Ortolan88 started about then, did tons for about a year, took a year plus off, back in August 2004, trying not to get so intense this time.

January 2002[edit]