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Infobox code

{{Infobox Movie Awards
| award            =
| name             = 
| image            = 
| caption          = 
| date             = 
| site             = 
| host             = 
| producer         = 
| director         = 
| organizer        =
| best_picture     =
| most_wins        =
| most_nominations =
| next             =
  • award Name of the Award organisation, each artitle then being called "Xth <award>" or "YYYY <award>"
  • name Name of the Awards ceremony, in the form Xth or as YYYY
  • image [OPTIONAL] The image of event poster of the Awards ceremony.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Adding a film poster of the Best Picture winner violates rule #8 of Wikipedia's fair use criteria. Instead, please use the "best_picture" parameter mentioned below.
  • caption [OPTIONAL] The image caption
  • date Date of the ceremony
  • site The site of the ceremony, in the form building, city. For multiple sites: building_1, city_1 and building_2, city_2
  • host The ceremony's host(s)
  • producer [OPTIONAL] The producer
  • director [OPTIONAL] The director
  • organizer [OPTIONAL] The organizer
  • best_picture [OPTIONAL] Best Picture winner
  • most_wins [OPTIONAL] The film that won the most Awards
  • most_nominations [OPTIONAL] The film that had the most nominations
  • next Name of the next Awards ceremony, in the form Xth or as YYYY

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