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This template creates an infobox that resembles a window with a shade and curtains. The box shows a picture of a kind of shade, blind or other Window Covering. It also points out characteristics that distinguish that kind from others. Window Covering is a part of Interior Design, a type of Architecture, which is a kind of Art.


Curtain info boxes could be colored one way, shutter info boxes another and so forth. For convenience, use two windows when choosing colors. To open a new window in Internet Explorer, for example, don't click in the Favorites list. Instead, click Start, point to All Programs, and then click Internet Explorer. Another way is to press the n key while pressing Ctrl. Use one window for a sandbox and another to view a colors list.

"Image" is displayed without an image. Other parameters without value will show missing information by a dot or by a missing characteristic. Parameters removed from the call will show the default value.


Example image not be used in article namespace.jpg
{{Infobox window covering
|name     = 
|image    =
|image size=
|caption  =
  1. Copy the above template call.
  2. Paste it into the article's edit section.
  3. Write brief parameter values after the equals signs, using 'Show preview.'
  4. Press 'Save page' to include the Infobox.

Usage examples[edit]

mini blind
Mini blind.jpg
A mini blind has 1 inch slats
{{Infobox window covering
|name     =mini blind 
|image    =Mini blind.jpg
|image size=150px
|caption  =A mini blind has 1 inch slats


If you are looking for a color, see:

If you are looking for a Colour, see:

Whether you're playing around in a sandbox or trying to set a precedent for all articles on shutters, this infobox has two color variables. If you change the colors in the call, the colors of the infobox will change.

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