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Wikipedia's distinction (shown on the table) between a "conservative" and an "inclusive" number of pages originated in 2002 with the replacement of UseModWiki's spontaneous wiki modes with MediaWiki's embedded namespaces.

Wikipedia-influenced wiki (Swedish, 2001), the Russian Wikipedia's fork WikiZnanie (2003), and wikis using MediaWiki, all have namespaces as well.

For Wikimedia projects:

  • The conservative number for the Wikipedia excludes redirects, discussion pages, image description pages, user profile pages, templates, help pages, portals, articles without links to other articles, and pages about Wikipedia. This may not be true for other wikis.
  • The conservative number for Wikimedia Commons and Wiktionary excludes "talk" pages, pages about Wikipedia, minimal "stub" pages, redirects, and others that probably don't qualify as content pages.

Table and figures[edit]

The table of the largest wikis has been moved to the MetaWiki in order to simplify maintenance. Follow the link on the right to access it.

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