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This is a list of topics related to the Middle East which should be created for Wikipedia. Many of these topics were taken from the index to Walter Cleveland's A History of the Modern Middle East.

Middle Eastern articles which have been created, but still need substantial work, can be found within Category:Middle East stubs.


  1. Arab Executive (g, a9)
  2. A'yan (g, a9) - means "Arab leadership", especially relating to Palestine in 1929.
  3. Rafiq al-Azm (g, a9)
  4. Basic Law of Government (g, a9)
  5. The Beacon (g, a9) - It's not any of these, is it? Beacon (disambiguation)
  6. Charter for National Action (g, a9)
  7. Civil Service School (g, a9)
  8. Constitutional Reform Party (g, a9)
  9. Council of the Islamic Republic (g, a9)
  10. American University of Ras Al Khaimah ([1], [2])


  1. Fadayan-i Khalq (g, a9) - I suppose this is the Aghan fighters mentioned in Khalq?
  2. February Fourth Incident (g, a9) - Which February 4 incident? France abolishing slavery in its colonies in 1794? Outbreak of revolution in Angola? Arafat chairing the PLO in 1969?
    • Probably refers to Miles Lampson, 1st Baron Killearn using british armor to install a Wafd prime minister in Egypt in 1942. Probably not worth an article just better coverage in existing articles.
  3. Five Feddan Law (g, a9)
  4. Jordan Inbound Tourism Association ([3], JITOA is a business association set up in 2003 to represent the interest of the inbound tour operators in Jordan.
  5. Dov Soll-holocaust survivor immigrated to israel became Israeli army engineer


  1. Liberation Rally Party (g, a9)
  2. Reuven Pedatzur, a lecturer at the Department of Political Science at Tel Aviv University and a journalist.
  3. Mamad (ממ"ד) or apartmental protected space in Israel - double check?
  4. The Meaning of the Disaster (g, a9)
  5. Mixed courts (g, a9)
  6. The Mother of Cities (g, a9) Translation of Umm Al-Belaad, the Arabic name for Balkh,Afghanistan
  7. Al-Muayyad (g, a9) - The first Arabic journal, led by Refa'a Al Tahtawi.
  8. Muharram demonstrations (g, a9)
  9. al-Muqattam (g, a9) - also linked as Muqattam Mountain, the legend is described at Pope Abraham of Alexandria
  10. Mutasarrifiyyah (g, a9) - double check?
  11. Palestinian Media ([4], [5], [6])
  12. Quantar -- a unit of measure used in Egypt? It's used in Milton-Edwards's Contemporary Politics in the Middle East. - double check?
  13. Nassons Entertainment Studios -- A game development company in Jordan, founded by George Shomali, found here: [7].
  14. Petra Tours ([8], -- Is a tour and travel company set up in Jordan in 1965, specializing in Inbound/outbound tourism.