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  • Inclusion on this list of online reference desks is not an endorsement.
  • At the first level, entries are alphabetized by language name in English.
  • At the second level, entries are organized by the list of Dewey Decimal classes.
    • Directories
    • General
    • Computing (000, 004, 005, 006)
    • Entertainment (780–799)
    • Humanities: Philosophy and psychology (100–199), Religion (200–299), Social sciences (300–399), and Literature (800–899)
    • Language (400–499)
    • Mathematics (500–529)
    • Science (500–509, 520–599) and Technology (600–699)
    • Miscellaneous (700–779, 900–999)

Service in Dutch: General[edit]

Service in Dutch: Humanities[edit]

Service in Dutch: Science[edit]

Service in Dutch: Miscellaneous[edit]

Service in French: General[edit]

  • Ubib ("Vos bibliothécaires en ligne")

  • Rue des facs ("Choisissez votre domaine, des bibliothécaires vous répondent !")

Service in French: Computing[edit]

Service in French: Humanities[edit]

Service in French: Science[edit]

Service in German: General[edit]

Service in German: Computing[edit]

Service in German: Humanities[edit]

Service in German: Science[edit]

Service in German: Miscellaneous[edit]

Service in Hungarian: General[edit]

Service in Italian: Directories[edit]

Service in Italian: General[edit]

Academic library reference desks

Public library reference desks

Library partnership reference desks

Other general reference desks

Service in Italian: Computing[edit]

Service in Italian: Entertainment[edit]

Service in Italian: Humanities[edit]

Service in Italian: Mathematics[edit]

Service in Italian: Science[edit]

  • Fondazione per la Ricerca sulla Fibrosi Cistica— (Italian Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation)
  • Domande e risposte

  • ANTEA (Associazione Nazionale Tecnici Entomologia Applicata)
  • Domande all'esperto (questions about insects)

Medical sciences; medicine

Engineering and applied operations

  • Consorzio della Quarantina ("associazione per la terra e la culture rurale" = association for the land and rural culture)
  • Chiedi all'esperto

Home economics and family living

Service in Norwegian: General[edit]

Service in Polish: General[edit]

Service in Polish: Computing[edit]

Service in Polish: Humanities[edit]

Service in Polish: Science[edit]

Service in Portuguese: General[edit]

Service in Portuguese: Computing[edit]

Service in Portuguese: Language[edit]

Service in Portuguese: Science[edit]

Service in Portuguese: Miscellaneous[edit]

Service in Russian: General[edit]

Service in Russian: Computing[edit]

Service in Russian: Science[edit]

Service in Spanish: General[edit]

  • La Red de Bibliotecas del Instituto de Información Científica y Tecnológica (REBEDICT), based in Havana, Cuba
  • Pregunte al Bibliotecario

Service in Spanish: Computing[edit]

Service in Spanish: Entertainment[edit]

Service in Spanish: Humanities[edit]

Service in Spanish: Language[edit]

Service in Spanish: Science[edit]

Service in Spanish: Miscellaneous[edit]

Service in Swedish: General[edit]

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