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Directories of science reference desks[edit]

Science (500–599)[edit]

Mathematics (510–519)[edit]

See Wikipedia:List of online reference desks/Mathematics.

Astronomy (520–529)[edit]

  • You Ask Andy (questions about astronomy, life science, earth science, physical sciences & geography)

  • Dr. C. ("Your Personal Mars Expert") ("a computerized scientist")

Physics (530–539)[edit]

Light and paraphotic phenomena (535)[edit]

Chemistry (540–549)[edit]

Earth sciences (550–559)[edit]

  • Ask Dave (questions about weather and climate)

Paleontology and paleozoology (560–569)[edit]

Life sciences and biology (570–579)[edit]

Ecology (577)[edit]

Plants and botany (580–589)[edit]

Animals and zoology (590–599)[edit]

Cold-blooded vertebrates, fishes (597)[edit]

Aves; Birds (598)[edit]

Mammalia; Mammals (599)[edit]

Technology (600–699)[edit]

Technology; Applied sciences (600–609)[edit]

Invention and patents (608)[edit]

Medical sciences: medicine (610–619)[edit]

General medicine reference desks (including some with specialist categories)[edit]

Ears; hearing[edit]

Eyes; vision; ophthalmology[edit]

Heart; cardiology[edit]

Lungs; pulmonology[edit]

Mental health[edit]

Muscles and bones[edit]


Nutrition; diet[edit]

Food safety

Eating disorders

Occupational safety and health[edit]

Physical training[edit]

Radiological issues[edit]

  • Integrated Environmental Management, Inc.
  • Ask A CHP - IEM ["Integrated Environmental Management, Inc. (IEM) is pleased to offer visitors to this web site an opportunity to ask a Certified Health Physicist (CHP) a question on any radiological issue that your firm or organization is facing. "]

Sports medicine[edit]

Teeth; dentistry[edit]

Pharmacology and therapeutics (615)[edit]

Diseases (616)[edit]

Surgery and related medical specialties (617)[edit]

Gynaecology and other medical specialties (618)[edit]

  • Gynaeonline (questions about obstetrics and gynecology) (based in India)

Engineering and applied operations (620–629)[edit]

Agriculture (630–639)[edit]

Plant injuries, diseases, pests (632)[edit]

Garden crops (Horticulture) (635)[edit]

  • Cindy Shapton, Cracked Pot Gardener, Franklin, Tennessee
  • Got Questions?

Animal husbandry (636)[edit]

Animal husbandry in general

Dog husbandry

Horse husbandry

Bird husbandry

Fish husbandry

Home economics and family living (640–649)[edit]

Home building and home improvement


House painting


House cleaning




Landscaping and outdoor construction
  • JustAskDave (questions about landscaping and outdoor construction)

Food and drink (641)[edit]

  • ask jo ("making ordinary food extraordinary")

  • Just Ask Jill ("recipes, menus, cooking tips and local food finds" in Southern California)

Barbecuing and grilling


Restrictive diets

Household utilities (644)[edit]

Electrical wiring

Plumbing and heating

Furnishing and decorating the home (645)[edit]

Glass tile

Sewing, clothing, personal living (646)[edit]

Child rearing and home care of sick and infirm (649)[edit]





Management and auxiliary services (650–659)[edit]

Chemical engineering (660–669)[edit]

Manufacturing (670–679)[edit]

Manufacturing for specific uses (680–689)[edit]

Buildings (690–699)[edit]

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