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Links to the lists[edit]

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  • misspelling (click for Wikipedia search); correct spelling

To add an entry to the list, insert a new search entry using the {{search link}} template with the correct spelling in parentheses after the link. For example,

* {{search link|mispelling||ns0|ns14|ns100}} (misspelling)
* {{search link|"mispell"|mispell|ns0|ns14|ns100}} (misspell)

Please do not delete a misspelling from this page just because it generates false positives. A better way of getting rid of false positives is to "unlink" it by removing the {{search link}} template. For example,

* u (you) (huge number of false positives)

By leaving it on the list, it will remind other users why it has not been added, and it can be easily re-tested at a later date.