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London Gazette indices for the years 1665 - 2010.

The Gazette may be most easily cited on Wikipedia using {{London Gazette}}.

Indices of indices[edit]


  1. Early years may start or end in March.
    • 1665–1714 run from March to March.
    • 1715 starts in March and ends in December.
    • 1716–1722 run January to December.
    • 1723 runs January to the following March,
    • 1724–1751 run from March to March.
    • 1752 runs March to December (corresponding to the Calendar (New Style) Act 1750 changes).
    • 1753 onward run January to December.
  2. Missing issues are included marked "missing"
  3. The data is meta-data as entered by the digitising project - there are errors:
    • Anomalous years occur and are marked where possible.
    • Anomalous months are simply given their own section thus in 1668 sections run August - October - August then later February - March - February due to two documents in that year having incorrect meta data.
    • Misfiles will need to be labelled as they are found.
  4. page numbering:
    • The page number is the first page of the issues or supplement.
      • Continuous page numbering within a year started in 1785
      • The supplements for the New Year's honours list have their own numbering system, certainly in some years.
  5. Supplements likely started in 1826.
  6. The index runs to mid-January 2011 currently.