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Original name(s) ECW500
Severity Low
Sockpuppet investigations ECW500
Instructions Revert and block on sight with talk page access disabled. Report suspected accounts to SPI and log incidents on this page.
Status Archived

Please report all ongoing incidents of abuse to WP:AIV or WP:ANI.

Basic information[edit]

ECW500 (talkcontribsblock logautorfcuspiconfirmed socks
suspected socks

Comprehensive edits analysis
A chronic sockpuppeteer who primarily attacks articles on professional wrestling, especially R.D. Reynolds andWrestlecrap. Usernames frequently impersonate or attack legitimate user GaryColemanFan. Other usernames may be variations on the original name, such as User:XPW500. His other target article is that of the breakfast cereal, Fruity Pebbles. Active since 2006 and blocked since 2007, ECW500 has become active of late and is less than subtle about his return with such usernames as User:GaryColmanFan2 Electric Boogaloo. Vandal has announced that he is "reformed", yet continues to add spam to articles, and harass other wikipedia editors.

Once blocked, user will amuse himself by soapboxing/grandstanding on his talk page and abusing the Helpme and Unblock templates. He will frequently accuse other users of being ECW500 socks and request a checkuser against ECW500 to "prove his innocence". He often uses "good hand" accounts while committing vandalism with other accounts, and frequently shows interest in old ECW500 socks.


Fruity Pebbles
Apex predator
List of apex predators

Editing styles & patterns[edit]

Grammar, syntax, and spelling are generally poor and inappropriate remarks are often left in edit summaries.

Username patterns[edit]

No noticeable patterns.

Other notes[edit]


The following accounts have been associated with this user:



Detection and response[edit]

The following procedures are in place to detect and respond to this vandal:

Edit filters[edit]

SPI case[edit]

Sockpuppet category: Category:Wikipedia sockpuppets of ECW500

Abuse response case[edit]