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Sockpuppet investigations Joehazelton
Status Archived


Modus operandi[edit]

User:JoeHalezton has been cyberstalking User:Goethean and other users since 2006, when he was involved in a conflict over the articles Peter Roskam and Tammy Duckworth. Recently, he has been nominating for deletion articles that User:Goethean created.[1]

He generally edits, from a pro-Republican viewpoint, articles relating to far west suburban Chicago politicians. He has a poor command of the English language, and speaks Polish. If his efforts are undermined, he will appear to explode with child-like, semi-coherent rage, often riddled with obscenities and with references to homosexuality, Marxism, the Chicago Outfit, Barack Obama, etc.

He used to post to under the name Joseph100[2], was reportedly banned from the site, and now posts under the username 'victim of censorship'.[3]


There are many more IP addresses which I have not bothered to categorize as socks of Joehazelton.

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