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Some really good editors are really busy and can't spend all their time on Wikipedia, so they have lower edit counts and in return are usually turned down as being admins. Some editors are really good vandal fighters and show admin qualities when they have the time, but have lower edit counts and are rejected as admins. This proposal will be a guideline, stating that if the editor does a very good job on Wikipedia, fighted vandals, discussed XfD's, pushed pages to GA and FA status, and is an overall outstanding editor, but has a lower edit count, the bureaucrat should really consider making the editor an admin before rejecting him/her just because of a lower edit count. Now this doesn't mean you can automatically be an admin is you have 50 edits, but if you are good, but only have 500–800 edits, you can be considered.

This proposal should be a guideline, as exceptions should be allowed, and this proposal isn't really as strict as a policy.