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WikiProject Medicine

Welcome to WikiProject Medicine! We discuss, collaborate, and debate anything and everything relating to medicine and health on Wikipedia on our discussion page.
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An introductory video about how to edit Wikipedia and medicine.
  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and has a distinct style that may take some time getting used to.
  • It is important that articles use the best sources and content is given due weight. Different from scientific papers, Wikipedia medical and health content is preferably sourced to secondary sources over primary sources. Citing a review article is preferred over an original trial.
  • To get you started and to explain why this is important here are a number of guides and guidelines:
Reliable Sources (medicine)      Manual of Style (medicine-related articles)
Conflicts of Interest      How to edit
Our guides complement Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines and take great care to explain why they are relevant.
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32 edits Timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada

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Each month we select a Medical Collaboration of the Month to focus our efforts on. Topics may either relate to medical basic sciences (such as anatomy or biochemistry), or clinical medicine (such as illnesses and surgical procedures). The project aims to improve medicine articles, and to give editors an opportunity to collaborate. Anyone can nominate an article, or vote on nominees at our project page. The collaboration of the month for May 2024 is Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease! Visit its talk page to help coordinate our efforts.

Wikipedia can be a great resource for getting to know a field — and it can give you an encyclopaedic overview of a subject, acting as a spring-board letting you dive deeper. It should however not be used as your only source when performing research, and you should never blindly trust Wikipedia. Over the years a lot of research has been amassed surrounding the reliability and biases of Wikipedia. To see some of the studies that have been produced on the quality and scope of medical information on Wikipedia take a look at some of the research:

  Academic studies of health information on Wikipedia

This is a list of academic articles related to the coverage of health and medical topics on Wikipedia. For general academic articles see Academic studies of Wikipedia. For academic studies about the use of Wikipedia in education, see Academic studies of Wikipedia in education. For popular media coverage of Wikipedia's medical content see the popular media list.

Summaries, literature reviews of studies on Wikipedia's medical content[edit]

COVID-19 pandemic and Wikipedia[edit]

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