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Welcome to the Jewish Christianity WikiProject! Please read Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide for help in developing this project page.

  • The project covers all articles relating to Jewish Christianity and its founders, adherents, rabbis, pastors, and critics. These articles should all be placed in the relevant categories contained within Category:WikiProject Jewish Christianity articles.


Regular and adjunct members will receive the project newsletter automatically. To unsubscribe add yourself to the list here.

  1. DGG (talk · contribs) (Volunteer contributor-with no affiliation to any religious sect & with a very strong inclination to avoid deleting or supressing any article dealing with religion or politics. )
  2. Avraham (talk · contribs) (Volunteer Contributor specializing in proper sourcing and proper application of wiki policy)
  3. Wikijeff (talk · contribs) (Volunteer contributor, and editor.)
  4. DeknMike (talk · contribs) (Volunteer contributor, and editor. Church strengthener and gentile member of a new Messianic congregation)
  5. Evanh2008 (talk · contribs) (Volunteer contributor, and editor.)
  6. CookieMonster755 (talk · contribs) (Volunteer contributor and editor. I am a Christian, with interest in Hebrew Roots, although it does not affect the neutrality of my work here on Wikipedia. I work of many subjects related to Christ, Messiah, etc.)


Hesitant to consider yourself a "full time editor" with this project, but still maintain an interest in helping out? Sign here.

  1. ChristTrekker (talk · contribs) (Editor, contributor, and organization freak)
  2. Warlordjohncarter (talk · contribs) - specializing in the completely useless, like assessment, project organization, blah blah blah blah blah.
  3. Sanilrivka (talk · contribs) - Interested but not sure how much I can add right now.


We hate to see anyone leave, but if you do, please list yourself here so we can look you up if necessary.

  1. stjamie (talk · contribs) (Former messianic non-jew/gentile, created several articles for the project) I am still very interested in the project, but I am hesitant to even call myself an adjunct editor. But I am still interested and support the project, and maybe I can add a NPOV. If any editors need assistance feel free to contact me.
  2. RivkaRebecca (talk · contribs) (Former contributor, from 2005/2006) I love the project. Whenever I can, I try to assist in the upkeep of the page and will, when I see the need, attempt to correct or give insight in the talk section.
  3. Zorkfan (talk · contribs) (Volunteer contributer, NPOV observer, and theological & halakhic debate)
  4. inigmatus (talk · contribs) (Lead Volunteer editor, and contributor)
  5. Elaragirl (talk · contribs) (Volunteer contributor and NPOV observer, and Messianic leaders)
  6. Tnnonline (talk · contribs) (Volunteer editor)
  7. Rporth (talk · contribs) (Volunteer contributor)
  8. Badbilltucker (talk · contribs) (Volunteer contributor)
  9. Noogster (talk · contribs) (Contributer)
  10. NoTsuris (talk · contribs) (Volunteer contributor, and editor.)

Dispute Resolution Tools[edit]

In regards to working with disputes on Jewish Christians or related articles, please follow the following dispute resolution process:

  1. Do not revert the article more than 3 times in a single day.
  2. Post in the article's talk before reverting the first time.
  3. Post on the involved editor's talk page before reverting a second time.
  4. Request counseling for resolving a dispute with another editor, or article WP:EA.
  5. Post a request for a third opinion at WP:3O.
  6. Post a request for comment at WP:RFC.
  7. For communications issues with editors, post Wikiquette alert at WP:WQA
  8. Post a Request for Mediation at WP:RFM which is an informal, nonbinding decision by volunteers of WP:MEDCAB.
  9. Post a Request for Arbitration at WP:RFAR which is a formal, binding decision by volunteers of WP:AC.

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