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BCAD is now closed. Your help has been very much appreciated.

Drive coordinator/s: Roger DaviesWoodyKyriakosBlnguyenWandalstouring

Welcome to BCAD - the Military history WikiProject initiative for experienced wiki-gnomes to check and evaluate Milhist B-Class articles against the Milhist B-Class criteria.

Important note: Very new editors should be aware that this drive is more complicated than it may appear at first sight. You will need to make many judgement calls, based on a couple of months familiarity with Wikipedia articles. Without this, errors will creep in and you will succeed only in annoying and alienating the many editors who have worked hard on the articles that we are re-assessing. If you have doubts about your experience, try assessing some of the articles at Category:Military history articles with incomplete B-Class checklists before signing up for this drive. They will give you a good idea of what to expect.

The drive[edit]

Last year, we changed the B-Class assessment system. We introduced a five-point checklist: each criterion needs to be fulfilled for the article to be promoted. This checklist is an integral part of the display text of the {{WPMILHIST}} template. In summary, these criteria are that the article:

  • B1 - is suitably referenced, with inline citations;
  • B2 - reasonably covers the topic;
  • B3 - has a defined structure, including a lead section;
  • B4 - is free from major grammatical errors;
  • B5 - contains appropriate supporting graphics, infoboxes, or images.

However, the {{WPMILHIST}} template also enables editors to set articles as B-Class by inserting |class=B and without completing the criteria parameters.

The objective of this drive is to ensure (1) that all five criteria parameters are accurately completed and (2) that articles not fulfilling all five criteria are re-graded to Start- or Stub-class.

The drive will run until all B-Class articles in Worklist A are assessed. We do not expect this to take more than four weeks.

The rewards[edit]

As a token of our appreciation for your efforts, we will be presenting the awards illustrated below. They will be awarded accumulatively. That is, if you assess 600 articles, you will receive the One Stripe, Two Stripe and Three Stripe awards. These will be awarded automatically at the end of the drive, based on your final tally. The editor with the highest tally overall will also be awarded a Golden Wiki.


For guidance: frequently asked questions

First, open the article's talk page to edit it and go to the {{WPMILHIST|class=B}} tag at the head of the page. This will show you something like this:

<!-- B-Class checklist -->
<!-- 1. It is suitably referenced, and all major points have appropriate inline citations. -->
|B-Class-1= yes/no
<!-- 2. It reasonably covers the topic, and does not contain major omissions or inaccuracies. -->
|B-Class-2= yes/no
<!-- 3. It has a defined structure, including a lead section and one or more sections of content. -->
|B-Class-3= yes/no
<!-- 4. It is free from major grammatical errors. -->
|B-Class-4= yes/no
<!-- 5. It contains appropriate supporting materials, such as an infobox, images, or diagrams. -->
|B-Class-5= yes/no

If the B-Class criteria text is missing from the talk page (it may have been edited out), simply enter the text above into the Milhist template parameters. You can cut and paste it either from here or from the text displayed by clicking on the "show" button of the Milhist banner.

For an article to be B-Class, all five criteria must be "=yes". If they are not yet set, edit the five criteria parameters to show either yes or no, based on whether each criterion meets the required standard.

You are expected to use your judgement in deciding whether or not a criterion is fulfilled. What, for example, does "reasonably referenced" in criteria B1 mean? In practice, an article with few citations, especially if has an entire section without citations, will usually fail this criterion.

Elsewhere, in B4, you will need to decide what "major grammatical errors" means. Again, in practice, we are looking for reasonably written and clear English. If the text contains many sentence fragments, large numbers of typos, and clearly needs a heavy copy-edit to make sense of it, then fail it. Do not fail it because it mixes American and English spellings, or needs a light copy-edit.

Similarly, in B5, the article is required to have "appropriate supporting materials". In practice, if an article contains no graphic material at all, it will fail the B5 criterion.

In borderline cases, please leave a message either on the talk page of one of the drive coordinators or on the drive's talk page for a second opinion. Similarly, editors who are disagree with your assessment should be asked to contact the drive coordinators or leave a message on the drive's talk page for a second opinion.

Milhist's B-Class criteria differ from those used by some other projects. Where articles are tagged to several projects, base your assessment solely on the Milhist criteria. Do not worry if your re-assessment puts the Milhist assessment out of step with assessments made by other projects.

After you have finished each ten-article sub-section on the worksheet, please mark it completed by adding <s> after the first # and </s> after the tenth entry.


Please add your name below, in alphabetical order, together with a running total (tally) of articles worked on. This tally should include articles that you have evaluated and needed no changes, and those that you re-assessed, and will be the basis for awards. To make it easier to pick up where you leave off, and to avoid edit conflicts, please "adopt a range" in the Worklists below.

  1. Avocado (talk) 0
  2. Balloonguy (talk) 60
  3. (talk) 1750
  4. Cplakidas (talk) 400
  5. Daniel (talk) 120
  6. Dreamafter (talk) 20
  7. Ed! (talk) 500
  8. Fattyjwoods (talk) 20
  9. Gaia Octavia Agrippa (talk) 60
  10. Glennfcowan (talk) 50
  11. .Harland1 (talk) 1150
  12. jj137 (talk) 200
  13. jwillbur (talk) 200
  14. Kyriakos (talk) 350
  15. .Legotech (talk) 1200
  16. MBK004 (talk) 600
  17. Mifter (talk) 400
  18. Milk's Favorite Cookie (talk) 220
  19. Narson (talk) 50
  20. Oldwildbill (talk) 40
  21. Patar knight (talk) 200
  22. Raoulduke47 (talk) 30
  23. Redmarkviolinist (talk) 200
  24. Rockfall (talk) 100
  25. SGGH (talk) 200
  26. .Smsarmad (talk) 1050
  27. Sniperz11 (talk) 100
  28. SoLando (talk) 70
  29. Stormtracker94 (talk) 163
  30. Wandalstouring (talk) 0
  31. WBOSITG (talk) 50
  32. Woody (talk) 80
  33. YellowAssessmentMonkey (talk) 200
Currently inactive
  1. Johntex (talk) 0
  2. Kumioko (talk) 0
  3. Outdawg (talk) 0


The worklists below include just over 3500 Milhist articles currently assessed as B-Class (Worklist A) and 4000 articles whose B-Class criteria are incomplete (Worklist B). Each worklist range includes 200 articles, divided into 20 sub-sections each of 10 articles. To adopt a range, simply type your name, using the [[User:Your name|Your name]] format. Please do not include graphic versions of your username as they can break the table's formatting.

After you have completed five sub-sections, type "done" in the space provided, and repeat until you have completed the range. Do not use the graphic templates - {{done}} or {{doing}} as they seriously slow down loading the page.

Please do not adopt more than one range at a time. Take on a new range only after you have completed the previous one. If you find yourself unable to complete your range, please let the drive coordinators know so that the remaining articles in the range can be finished by another participant. Your tally will be credited in full for the work done.

Worklist A
Range adopted Editor's name  50 100 150 200
1–200 SGGH (t c) Done Done Done Done
201–400 (t c) Done Done Done Done
401–600 Harland1 (t c) Done Done Done Done
601–800 (t c) Done Done Done Done
801–1000 Smsarmad (t c) Done Done Done Done
1001–1200 Milk's Favorite Cookie (t c) Done Done Done Done
1201–1400 Mifter (t c) Done Done Done Done
1401–1600 Legotech (t c) Done Done Done Done
1601–1800 MBK004 (t c) Done Done Done Done
1801–2000 jj137 (t c) Done Done Done Done
2001–2200 Kyriakos (t c) Done Done Done Done
2201–2400 MBK004 (t c) Done Done Done Done
2401–2600 Stormtracker94 (t c) Done Done Done Doing
2601–2800 Harland1 (t c) Done Done Done Done
2801–3000 Cplakidas (t c) Done Done Done Done
3001–3200 Mifter (t c) Done Done Done Done
3201–3400 MBK004 (t c) Done Done Done Done
3401–3549 Woody (t c) Done Done Done N/A
Worklist B
Range adopted Editor's name  50 100 150 200
4001–4200 YellowAssessmentMonkey (t c)
aka User:Blnguyen
Done Done Done Done
4201–4400 Patar knight (t c) Done Done Done Done
4401–4600 Fattyjwoods (t c) Doing
4601–4800 Cplakidas (t c) Done Done Done Done
4801–5000 Narson (t c) Done Done
5001–5200 Harland1 (t c) Done Done Done Done
5201–5400 Gaia Octavia Agrippa (t c) Done Doing
5401–5600 Balloonguy (t c) Done Doing
5601–5800 Milk's Favorite Cookie (t c)
5801–6000 glennfcowan (t c) Done Doing
6001–6200 (t c) Done Done Done Done
6201–6400 (t c) Done Done Done Done
6401–6600 Harland1  (t c) Done Done Done Done
6601–6800  (t c) Done Done Done Done
6801–7000 Oldwildbill (t c) Doing
7001–7200 Smsarmad (t c) Done Done Done Done
7201–7400 Legotech  (t c) Done Done Done Done
7401–7600 Redmarkviolinist  (t c) Done Doing
7601–7800 MBK004 (t c) Done Done Done Done
7801–8000 Flubeca (t c)
8001–8200 Daniel (t c) Done Done Doing
8201–8400 Dreamafter (t c) Doing
8401–8600 Wandalstouring (t c) Done Done Doing
8601–8800 Smsarmad (t c) Done Done Done Done
8801–9000 Kyriakos (t c) Done Done Done Doing
9001–9200 Legotech (t c) Done Done Done Done
9201–9400 Smsarmad (t c) Done Done Done Done
9401–9600 Raoulduke47 (t c) Doing
9601–9800 Smsarmad (t c) Done Done Done Done
9801–10000  (t c) Done Done Done Done
10000–10200 Harlsbottom  (t c) Doing
10201–10400 Smsarmad (t c)
10401–10600 Harland1 (t c) Done Done Done Done
10601–10800 Harland1  (t c) Done Done Done Done
10801–11000 jwillbur (t c) Done Done Done Done
11001–11200 Legotech  (t c) Done Done Done Done
11201–11400  (t c) Done Done Done Done
11401–11600 Harland1 (t c) Done
11601–11800 Ed! (t c) Done Done Done Done
11801–12000 (t c) Done Done Done Done
12001–12200 Legotech  (t c) Done Done Done Done
12201–11400  (t c) Done Done Done Done
12401–12600 Ed! (t c) Done Done Done Done
12601–12800 Ed! (t c) Done Done Doing
12801–13000 Legotech (t c) Done Done Done Done