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The following are what are considered reliable sources as per Wikipedia policy. These sources are mainly used in motor racing related articles. A description of why it is reliable follows each URL.

Broad scope[edit]


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  • BBC Sport: Motorsport, the British Broadcasting Corporation's motorsport news site. Covers Formula One, MotoGP and WRC with occasional items from other series. Considered a "mainstream news organization" under WP:RS.

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Formula One[edit]

  • - Official Formula One website run by Formula One Management. Considered (mostly) reliable for results, although contains some inaccuracies. Also acceptable for regulations and technical features although news items may have a pro-F1 bias so caution is needed when using in this capacity.

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  • - Website run by journalist and former Autosport Grand Prix Editor Joe Saward, who currently holds an official press pass for F1 events. Therefore it is believed to meet WP:RS falling under "News organizations".

{{cite web |url= |title= |accessdate=26 May 2017 | |publisher=Inside F1, Inc. |date= }}

  • - News outlet
  • - Large database of accurate Formula One information, which is regarded fairly well. Its intent is to "be the most comprehensive Formula 1 statistics website." It is published by Jonathan Davies, and has a news arrangement with ManipeF1.
  • - Large database of Formula One information.
  • 192 - Race reports for each individual races, along with qualifying & race times, along with quotes from other drivers on the race.
  • Gale Force F1 - Has a results service and was formerly the host of AtlasF1 (now part of Autosport) and also hosted the official Pacific Grand Prix team (now defunct) website.
  • ITV F1 - Website of the British broadcaster of F1 from 1997 until 2008, with news stories provided by Autosport. It is therefore considered a "mainstream news organization" under WP:RS.

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  • Formula One race reports written by journalist Dan Knutson within Road & Track magazine, early '90s.
  • F1 Racing magazine -- consider sourcing within printed article as this is both a news and rumors magazine.
  • BBC F1 Website of a current British broadcaster of F1
  • Sky Sports F1 - Website of a current British broadcaster of F1.


Sports car racing[edit]

  • World Sports Racing Prototypes - Repository of sports car racing results. Includes complete results for most international and nation-wide sports car championships and series, with car chassis numbers wherever possible.
  • Sportscar Universe - Formerly "GTO Racing", articles about individual sports-prototypes and GT cars that have raced in most modern sports car racing championships (mostly FIA GT1/GT2, Group C, WSC and LMP). Inactive since December 2006. French language only.
  • Planet Le Mans - News site, covers most international racing series, including LMS, ALMS and FIA GT.
  • Mulsanne's Corner - Mostly technical related news about modern sports-prototypes, but also includes a large archive of technical characteristics for cars and engines.

Touring car racing[edit]

  • European Touring Car Championship History - Mostly historical site dedicated to the first incarnation of the European Touring Car Championship (Group 1/2/3/4 and Group A/N regulations, up to 1988), includes results, car lists and regulations.
  • World Touring Car Championship official site - Reliable for results, regulations and some news, which are compiled by press officer Fabio Ravaioli, a former journalist.
  • Touring Car Times - News site, mostly reliable, many news come from press-releases, but covers a variety of series, including the WTCC, BTCC, DTM and V8 Supercars.


  • Golden Era of Grand Prix Racing - Full GP race reports from 1933-1940 and much more content from the Pre-F1 era of Grand Prix racing. Comes with the endorsement of journalist and author Doug Nye (who describes it as 99.5% accurate) and recommended for further reading by UK broadcaster Channel 4 [1].