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This WikiProject was originally intended for individual artists, but has since been expanded to include musical groups as well. This aspect of the project is currently in progress.

Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information in articles related to Musicians and Musical ensembles/Bands. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians in writing/editing articles related to this subject. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or check out the to-do list.



The purpose of this project is to provide guidelines for Wikipedia articles regarding musicians. This can cover everything from visual style and formatting to content and organization. All articles need not be identical, and there is obviously a wide variety of information which may be appropriate to some articles and not to others. The goal is to make it easier for Wikipedians to create high quality articles related to this subject matter, and also to make it easier for readers of these articles to find relevant information in consistent format and location.

This project will also participate in the categorization of related pages in order to make it even easier to find relevant related information.


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This is a manually compiled list. If you have constructively participated in this project, please feel free to add yourself to this list. You may also wish to list your specific interests or areas in which you would like to participate.

Article alerts[edit]

See WikiProject Musicians Article alerts


Note.svg To-do list for WikiProject Musicians:

edit - history - watch - refresh


Specific articles in need of...

Please add articles to these lists.


  • Audio (group) - Article's only sources are an outdated MTV link and a Tripod fan page (of all things). I cleaned up the talk page because it looked like a forum, but much of the article page looks like it was written by a twelve-year-old, especially everything after this section.
  • Bill Berry - former drummer for R.E.M. needs more context, refs, discography. (The band page is an FA!)
  • The Cowsills need content, references, discography.
  • The Chieftains - more substance (especially on former members)
  • David Immerglück of Counting Crows content, discography, references.
  • Counting Crows- Needs cleanup, content, references, some discography cleanup of album pages and song pages.
  • Divinyls - Infobox was added, more is needed?
  • Heart - What should be done next?
  • Strawbs - needs additional refs and/or treatment for unintentional POV/weasel words. (see talk page for examples).
  • Vanessa Carlton - The "2013–present: Liberman" section needs to be reorganized using prose.

Expansion (Keep alphabetized, please!)[edit]


Needs photos[edit]

See Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of musicians for more.

See also[edit]

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Things you can do (edit)

Biography article statistics

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Assessment guidelines[edit]

Rate the articles according to the 1.0 Assessment guidelines. See Category:Unassessed biography (musicians) articles for articles that need a rating. You can also request an assessment.


The purpose of this sub project is to find articles related to this subject and edit them so as to comply with the guidelines set forth by this project.


This sub project is aimed at classifying related articles in a logical and consistent manner, the idea being to make it easier to find articles related to a certain subject matter.

Stub sorting[edit]

Help organize and label musician-related stubs with the correct stub template.

Current collaboration[edit]

This is similar to the Collaboration of the week, but on a smaller scale. Every so often, members of the project select a single article—existing or not—on which to focus some of our combined efforts. This involves not just fixing up the article to match the guidelines of the project, but also doing any necessary research and resource gathering for the article, including finding usable images or other media.
The Current collaboration is: non selected
This collaboration began:

Article structure[edit]

Main article: /Article guidelines

For the time being, the chief focus of this wikiproject is to establish itself by defining a solid set of guidelines for related articles to use. All are encouraged to participate in this endeavor by reviewing the existing guidelines and discussing them on the article guidelines page. Both positive and negative constructive criticism are highly welcomed, but please discuss changes prior to making them. This includes changes to existing guidelines, removal of existing guidelines, and addition of new guidelines.


Adding articles[edit]

It only takes one very simple step to add an article to the project:

  • Add the following code to the top of the talk page. This should not be underneath a section header.
{{WikiProject Biography
| living              = 
| class               = 
| musician-work-group = yes
| musician-priority   = 
| attention           = 
| needs-photo         = 
| needs-infobox       = 
| needs-persondata    = 
| needs-discography   = 

This template includes articles in Category:Musicians work group articles allows us to track articles in the project so as to better gauge the progress of the project and to find articles that need work done (please use piped category links to sort articles by artist's last name). The {{WPBiography}} template informs others about the project to potentially inspire new contributors to the project, and also to hopefully prevent some unnecessary and inadvertent deviation from the project's guidelines which the editor may not even be aware of.

You can also feel free to add a link to the page under either "Recently added" or "New articles", which ever is appropriate. This will allow others to see what's new with the project and likely quicken the process of getting the article edited to meet guidelines.

What to add[edit]

The above method for adding articles to the project should only be used for articles that specifically pertain to the subject matter of this project, i.e., a specific musician. Articles that more generally relate to the project, for instance musician should not be added to Category:Musicians work group articles and should not have {{WPBiography}} added to their talk page. For articles such as these, please see the section entitled "Other related articles".

Articles need not comply exactly with the standards of the project in order to be added, in fact, they don't need to comply at all. Adding a non-compliant article will make it that much more likely that someone involved in the project will find it and fix it up. For more information on non-compliant articles, see "Articles in need of attention".

Pages that are involved more in the administrative aspect of this project, e.g. subprojects' pages, lists, templates, etc., also should not be added to Category:Musicians work group articles or include {{WPBiography}}. Instead, these pages should be added to Category:WikiProject Musicians.

Who to add[edit]

This project aims to improve articles of all musical performers. This includes:

  • Solo artists
  • Bands
  • Individual band members
  • Composers
  • Writers
  • Instrumentalists
  • Ensembles

Editing project articles[edit]

Articles already part of this project are still open to editing, and there's no special procedure for doing so. Remember, a lot of articles are added to the project without any compliance to the project guidelines. Don't feel like you need to completely fix up an article when you edit it; even a small edit that follows the project is better than none. If you have completely fixed a page to meet the guidelines, go ahead and add it as a candidate for the Showcase, or even as a Featured candidate.

Not sure what articles to edit? Keep reading...

Articles in need of attention[edit]

Category:Musicians work group articles needing attention has been created in order to better keep track of what articles need what work. Set attention equal to yes in {{WPBiography}} (see code below) in order to add it to Category:Musicians work group articles needing attention:

{{WikiProject Biography
| living              = 
| living              = 
| class               = 
| musician-work-group = yes
| musician-priority   = 
| attention           = yes
| needs-photo         = 
| needs-infobox       = 
| needs-persondata    = 
| needs-discography   = 
  • If the article needs a photo, set needs-photo= yes.
  • If the article needs an infobox, set needs-infobox = yes.
  • If the article needs persondata, set needs-persondata= yes.
  • If the article needs a discography, set needs-discography= yes.

If you have edited an article and believe that it no longer needs work, you should remove the |attention=yes parameter from the banner. Do not delete any of the entries on the talk page related to the work (or any, for that matter), and make sure it has the two items listed under "Adding articles". In addition, fixed articles should be added to the list of Recently fixed articles along with your date-stamped signature (four tildes, ~~~~). This will allow others to review the work (no one's perfect) and make sure all the original issues have been resolves.

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Project banner[edit]

Place on top of an article's talk page.
{{WikiProject Biography
| living              = 
| class               = 
| musician-work-group = yes
| musician-priority   = 
| attention           = 
| needs-photo         = 
| needs-infobox       = 
| needs-discography   = 

Remove unneeded fields.

For more information, see: {{WikiProject Biography/doc}}
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Stub templates[edit]

See Stub sorting


{{User WP Musicians}}
formerly {{User:Heaven's Wrath/Userboxes/WPMusicians}}
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{{User WP Musicians2}}
formerly {{User:Thereen/WPMusiciansUserbox}}
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Other templates[edit]

See also: Category:WikiProject Musicians templates & Special:Prefixindex/Wikipedia:WikiProject Musicians/Templates

View the template page (link in first column) for details about the template.

Discussion entries
{{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject Musicians/Templates/Invite contrib}} ==WikiProject Musicians==

Thanks for your contribution to the Musicians WikiProject. I hope you'll continue to be interested and participate in the project, we're always open to new participants. For ways you can help, please check the "Contributing" section of the main project page. Thanks again! ~~~~


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Recently added[edit]

Arts and Entertainment Work Group - Musicians

The Arts and Entertainment Work Group - Musicians is a working group of members of the Biography WikiProject dedicated to ensuring quality and coverage of biography articles.

Related Projects

Since biographies are potentially under the purview of almost all WikiProjects, it is important that we work in tandem with these projects. Also, when seeking collaboration on articles, don't neglect to approach WikiProjects that are part of the geographical region your subject is/was in. Some musicians have WikiProjects dedicated to them and these WikiProjects generally consider themselves responsible for the biographical articles within their scope.

Related Portals

Increase the exposure of our work group by nominating our articles for their Portal FA and DYKs. Of course, don't forget the main portal, Portal:Arts

Announcements/To do (edit)

Add this to-do list to your User page! {{Wikipedia:WikiProject_Biography/Arts and entertainment/Musicians announcements}}