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Maldivian Wikipedians' notice board
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This is a page to function as a notice board for things that are particularly relevant to Maldivian Wikipedians
You are encouraged to categorize yourself in Category:Wikipedians in Maldives

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edit·history·watch·refresh  To-do list for Wikipedia:Maldivian Wikipedians' notice board:

To build Dhivehi Wikipedia needs help -

To create

Below list is extracted
from Music of the Maldives

To review

To expand




To clean up


Following conventions are proposed, not yet finalised. If you reject them please discuss in talk page

  • Avoid using apostrophe in names.
eg. Muhammed Shamsu'dheen should be written as Muhammad Shamsuddeen
  • Islands should be postfixed with administrative atoll name.
eg. Hithadhoo should have the title Hithadhoo (Seenu Atoll) indicating that it belongs to this particular atoll. This is useful as the island name sometimes conflict with another island from a different atoll.

Maldives related categories[edit]

Please list Maldivian related categories below, therefore Maldivian Wikipedians could include them in relevant articles.

Category:Flora of Maldives [[Category:Flora of Maldives]]