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WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic articles
(% done)
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Monthly focus: MacTutor biographies 17 left
1911 verification: 26.8%
ACF Regionals answers: 64.1%
Hotlist of topics: 88.7%
General topics: 81.0%
Science topics: 92%
Catholic Encyclopedia: 86.2%
Easton's Bible Dictionary: 88%
Encyclopaedia Biblica : 69.5%
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology: 80.6%
Gutenberg authors : 57.1%
Jewish Encyclopedia : 39%
Literary Encyclopedia: 81.9%
Polish Biographical Dictionary: 6%
Find-A-Grave: 87.2%
Stanford Archive answers 98.2%
Missing paintings 70.5%
Many other lists of politicians, songs, TV shows and others.
Overall progress: 65.2%
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This list was generated from the biography list at the MacTutor archive which may not have direct equivalents in Wikipedia. It was generated as part of the Missing encyclopedic articles project. For help on how to write biographies, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography.

Some red links can just be redirected (due to a different format for the name of a person, or different capitalization for a thing or idea etc.) If an article needs creating then please check the article against MacTutor archive to see what it is, but do not copy any material from MacTutor. See the project guidelines for more details.

Please remove existing articles - but don't forget to check that the Wikipedia article actually corresponds to the MacTutor one. Each topic has a link to the search in MacTutor MacTutor. A significant proportion of the topics are redirects, so please use the gwp link to search Wikipedia using google for similarly named articles. Use the g google link to help in starting a new article.


17 left from 1869 (99.09% done)


  1. Eizens Leimanis MacTutor g gwp
  2. Ernests Fogels MacTutor g gwp
  3. François Français MacTutor g gwp François Joseph Français
  4. Georgii Polozii MacTutor g gwp Georgii Nikolaevich Polozii
  5. Georgii Suvorov MacTutor g gwp Georgii Dmitrievic Suvorov
  6. Gerrit de Bruin MacTutor g gwp
  7. Jacques Le Tenneur MacTutor g gwp Jacques Alexandre Le Tenneur, Jacques Tenneur
  8. Jan Kalicki MacTutor g gwp
  9. Jean Claude Bouquet MacTutor g gwp
  10. Joao Baptista Lavanha MacTutor g gwp
  11. Karlis Zalts MacTutor g gwp
  12. Lev Kaluznin MacTutor g gwp Lev Arkad'evich Kaluznin
  13. Linards Reizins MacTutor g gwp Linards Eduardovich Reizins
  14. Mikhail Subbotin MacTutor g gwp Mikhail Fedorovich Subbotin
  15. Naum Feldman MacTutor g gwp Naum Il'ich Feldman
  16. Stanislaw Knapowski MacTutor g gwp
  17. Volodymyr Levytsky MacTutor g gwp