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Bono, lead singer of U2

Achtung Baby is the seventh studio album by rock band U2. It was produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, and was released on 19 November 1991. Stung by the criticism of their 1988 release Rattle and Hum, U2 shifted their musical direction to incorporate influences from alternative rock, industrial music, and electronic dance music into their sound. Thematically, the album is darker, more introspective, and more flippant than their previous work. Recording began at Berlin's Hansa Studios in October 1990, but the sessions were fraught with conflict, as the band argued over the direction and quality of their music. After nearly breaking up, they made a breakthrough with the improvisation of the song "One". Morale improved during the subsequent recording sessions in Dublin in 1991. Achtung Baby received favourable reviews and went to number one in several countries. It spawned five hit singles, including "One", "Mysterious Ways", and "The Fly". The album has sold 18 million copies, and in 1993, it won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. The record and the multimedia-intensive Zoo TV Tour were central to U2's 1990s reinvention. Achtung Baby has regularly appeared on critics' lists of the greatest albums of all time. (more...)

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The plume worm (Serpula vermicularis)

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Assassin bug

A species of assassin bug (Gminatus australis shown) feeding on a beetle. Assassin bugs use their long rostrum to inject a lethal saliva that liquefies the insides of the prey, which are then sucked out. The most distinctive feature of the assassin bug family is that the tip of the rostrum fits into a groove in the prosternum, where it is rasped against ridges there to produce sound, a tactic often used to intimidate predators.

Photo: JJ Harrison

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