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Rapper Ice-T performing on stage

Body Count is the eponymous debut album of American heavy metal band Body Count. Released in 1992, the album material focuses on various social and political issues ranging from police brutality to drug abuse. The album presents a turning point in the career of Ice-T (pictured), who co-wrote the album's songs with lead guitarist Ernie C and performed as the band's lead singer. Previously known only as a rapper, Ice-T's work with the band helped establish a crossover audience with rock music fans. The album produced one single, "There Goes the Neighborhood". Body Count is best known for the inclusion of the controversial song "Cop Killer", which was the subject of much criticism from various political figures, although many defended the song on the basis of the group's right to freedom of speech. Ice-T eventually chose to remove the song from the album, although it continues to be performed live. While the album received mixed reviews, it was ranked among The Village Voice's list of the 40 Best Albums of 1992, and is believed to have helped pave the way for the mainstream success of the rapcore genre, although the album itself does not feature rapping in any of its songs. (more...)

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Atelopus certus

Atelopus certus is a species of toad endemic to the Darién Province of eastern Panama. Much of its range falls within the Darién National Park, a protected area and World Heritage Site. It is classified as endangered, primarily due to the advancing wave of chytridiomycosis moving through Central America.

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