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James Garrard

James Garrard (1749–1822) was the second governor of Kentucky. He served from 1796 to 1804 and was the last to be elected to consecutive terms until 1999. A Revolutionary War veteran, he held several local offices and unsuccessfully tried to exclude slavery from Kentucky's first constitution. His 1796 election as governor exposed ambiguity in the state constitution, prompting another constitutional convention in 1799. As governor, he opposed the Alien and Sedition Acts, favored passage of the Kentucky Resolutions, and lobbied for public education, militia and prison reforms, business subsidies, and legislation favorable to debtors. He became the first resident of the state's first governor's mansion when it was completed in 1798. A Democratic-Republican, he applauded the Louisiana Purchase as a means of dealing with the closure of the port at New Orleans to U.S. goods. Garrard, a Baptist minister, was expelled from the church in 1802 when his Secretary of State, Harry Toulmin, persuaded him to adopt some doctrines of Unitarianism. After leaving office, he engaged in agricultural and commercial pursuits. Garrard County, Kentucky, was named in his honor. (Full article...)

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Seven Mile Beach, Booti Booti National Park

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A large amount of water rushes down a city street, threatening to flood several houses

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June 7: Sette Giugno in Malta; Journalist Day in Argentina

Carrie Nation holding an axe in her left hand and a book in her right

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Washington Dulles International Airport

The main terminal of Washington Dulles International Airport, a public airport in Dulles, Virginia, that serves the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area. Designed by Eero Saarinen, the building forms the centerpiece of one of the busiest airports in the United States, with over 23 million passengers a year.

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