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A malplaced disambiguation page is one that has no primary topic but is not at the base name, e.g., when Fizzboz redirects to Fizzboz (disambiguation). This situation is avoidable, as the disambiguation page can exist at Fizzboz, and the accepted standard is to place the disambiguation page at Fizzboz.

The policy regarding malplaced disambiguation pages is at Wikipedia:Disambiguation#Naming the disambiguation page: The title of a disambiguation page is the ambiguous term itself, provided there is no primary topic for that term. Guidance on the use of a redirect containing "(disambiguation)" is at Wikipedia:Disambiguation#How to link to a disambiguation page. See also {{R to disambiguation page}}, Category:Redirects to disambiguation pages, and WP:CONCISE.

Never carry out a cut & paste move. If there is a malplaced disambiguation page you can't move, simply list it below and an administrator will attend to it.

Possible primary topic[edit]

Just because Fizzboz redirects to Fizzboz (disambiguation) does not mean that Fizzboz (disambiguation) is a malplaced disambiguation page. It is possible that one of the articles listed in on the disambiguation page is the primary topic. If so, redirect it to that article or put in a requested move on the talk page of the proposed primary topic to move it to the base name.

As an aid to seeing if there is a primary topic, check the edit histories of Fizzboz and Fizzboz (disambiguation) to see if either history indicates that a previous page move has recently occurred, or if the redirect has recently been altered from as specific article. If so, seek a consensus on the article's talk page for the proposed move.

Manual list[edit]

Here you can list any malplaced disambiguation pages you would like corrected. Please make sure the page isn't already listed in the dump report below. Before listing, please see if you can correct the problem yourself using the methods listed in the instructions below. Completed entries will be removed from the list.

Add a line "# {{noredirect|Base name}} redirects to [[Base name (disambiguation)]]" below this line:

Pages under discussion[edit]

Pages from the database report below that cannot be addressed at this time because of active discussions can be moved to this section.

Database report[edit]

Malplaced disambiguation pages[edit]

As of 06:47, 21 May 2018 (UTC), these pages redirect to their own title with " (disambiguation)" appended. Do not manually add pages to this list; use the Manual list above instead. Completed entries will be removed from the list, there is no need to strike them.

  1. Bo$$ redirects to Bo$$ (disambiguation)
  2. Elands River redirects to Elands River (disambiguation)

Duplicate disambiguation pages[edit]

As of 06:47, 21 May 2018 (UTC), the following pairs of potentially duplicative disambiguation pages exist.

Missing primary topics[edit]

As of 06:47, 21 May 2018 (UTC), the following disambiguation pages exist without any page existing at the unqualified title. These pages are generally erroneous, and should be moved to the title without the parenthetical, leaving a redirect behind for intentional links to the disambiguation page. However, some of these pages should have a primary topic at the base title, or should have the primary topic redirect to an unambiguous topic. DO NOT move these pages if doing so will create disambiguation links; instead, fix the incoming links first, and then move the page.

No incoming links[edit]

Incoming links[edit]


  1. Check the entries at Fizzboz (disambiguation), "What links here" at Fizzboz, and the edit history and Talk page of Fizzboz (disambiguation) and Fizzboz. Do not proceed if it appears Fizzboz should redirect to a primary topic instead; rather, repair the redirect as necessary.
  2. Check for cut and paste moves, which can be repaired through the process described at Wikipedia:How to fix cut and paste moves. Do not proceed until the repair has been completed.
  3. Attempt a move of Fizzboz (disambiguation) to Fizzboz. Consider the edit summary "(disambiguation)" is superfluous; see [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Disambiguation/Malplaced disambiguation pages|Malplaced disambiguation pages]]. The move may fail for several reasons, such as the target having more than 1 revision, the target does not redirect back to the disambiguation page, or in rare scenarios, a page is move-protected. If the move fails:
    1. List the redirect at Wikipedia:Requested moves/Technical requests. Consider specifying the reason as [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Disambiguation/Malplaced disambiguation pages|Malplaced disambiguation page]].
  4. Consider adding {{R to disambiguation page}} to the new Fizzboz (disambiguation) redirect. While helpful in identifying the type of redirect, it has the possible drawback of making a revert of the move harder, since it would then require an admin.
  5. Check that all appropriate talk pages exist (incorrect redirection is often a problem with the talk pages of disambiguation pages).
  6. Check for double redirects leading to Fizzboz.
  7. When you have corrected a malplaced dab, remove it from the list.

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