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This page describes style and naming conventions that are currently used in articles on Russia-related topics. Please discuss proposed significant changes at the talk page, announcing them at the Russia project talk page.



Naming of articles should follow the Wikipedia:Article titles policy and the Wikipedia:Naming conventions (use English) guideline. When applying these conventions, preference should be given to sources specialized on the subject rather than general material. For cases where no established name exists in the English language, or where multiple romanization variants are available, follow the romanization rules outlined in Wikipedia:Romanization of Russian.

Cyrillic, Latin transliteration, and italicization[edit]

Do not italicize Cyrillic-script text, but do italicize a transliteration of it into Latin script when it follows the Cyrillic version. Italicize a Latin-script transliteration in the absence of Cyrillic, if it is not a proper names, and is not a term that has been assimilated into English (e.g. "vodka"). Use the standard language formatting templates for Russian, {{lang-ru}} and {{lang|ru}}.



Main guideline Wikipedia:Naming conventions (geographic names)

Federal subjects[edit]

Use the following terms to refer to the federal subjects:

Administrative divisions[edit]

Use the following terms to refer to the administrative divisions:

For the terminology used to refer to the cities of federal subject significance, towns of district significance, urban-type settlements of district significance, and selsoviets, see those articles.

Municipal divisions[edit]

Use the following terms to refer to the municipal divisions:

  • Urban okrug (городской округ)
  • Municipal district (муниципальный район)
  • Urban settlement (городское поселение)
  • Rural settlement (сельское поселение)

Inhabited localities[edit]

For the inhabited localities which have a status of a "город" (gorod), both "city" and "town" can be used in English; there is no formal distinction in Russian. Use "city" for larger gorods and "town" for smaller ones: the threshold of 100,000 residents (as of the most recent Census) is currently used. Use the term "cities and towns" to refer to gorods collectively. Do not use the term "town" to refer to urban-type settlements (посёлки городского типа) and their types: work settlements (рабочие посёлки), suburban settlements (дачные посёлки), and resort settlements (курортные посёлки).

Naming of articles on the inhabited localities in Russia follows the Wikipedia:Naming conventions (geographic names)#Russia guideline.

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