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Welcome to the Mbabel tool!

Mbabel creates skeleton Wikipedia articles by providing a simplified outline, automatically generated from data present in Wikidata, a Wikimedia sister project that holds critical metadata and links to other databases. These newly created articles can be improved by users on their own sandbox page before migrating content to the main domain, where Wikipedia articles are located, and should strive for the minimum quality level of an article


Before using the tool, you must understand the purposes for which it was developed:

  1. Assist the user in the first steps towards creating a Wikipedia article by generating a structured draft necessarily on their own sandboxpage;
  2. Creating efficient structured sketches depends on creating a pre-designed template that can handle information from a variety of Wikidata items such as artwork, newspapers, museums, earthquakes, etc.
  3. Encourage integration between the Wikipedia and Wikidata projects. In particular, the tool aims to encourage improvements in data structuring in Wikidata.

Conversely, therefore, it can be said that:

  1. Mbabel is NOT is a tool to replace human editing in Wikipedia;
  2. Mbabel is NOT is a tool capable of generating sketches that can be migrated to the main domain without human review and is therefore designed to work only on users' sandbox pages;
  3. Mbabel is NOT a competitor of any other medium or tool to aid in the creation of new articles, such as the Article wizard, but an option additional to those seeking help in the article creation process.


To use the tool, you must first identify the Wikidata item number for which you want to create an outline on your sandbox page. Note that not all existing Wikidata items necessarily have a corresponding Wikipedia article, so it may be that there is a Wikidata item with a lot of information about a particular topic (person, street, institution, etc.) and so far doesn't exist yet on Wikipedia. It is essential that the notability criteria is observed for the use of the tool, as there may be cases where an item on Wikidata does not meet the criteria defined by this community. Another important question in this first step is to check which templates already exist for Mbabel. A list of these templates is available at Templates, which currently has four: works of art, museums, libraries, archives, and theatres.

That is, for the outline to be created efficiently on your test page, the Wikidata item it refers to must be one of the four types listed above. For example, in an attempt to create a draft page for the São Paulo Museum of Art, whose Wikidata item is Q82941 (just check the left menu of the article itself ), just enter the QID, followed by a comma and the name of the desired template, like this: Q82941, museum.

Click in "generate draft" and then "show preview" to view and edit the structured draft.