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WikiProject Medicine

Welcome to WikiProject Medicine! We discuss, collaborate, and debate anything and everything about medical and health content on Wikipedia on our discussion page.
Everyone is welcome to join!
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Guidelines and Policies

An introductory video about how to edit Wikipedia and medicine.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and writing is different to writing academic texts — but it is still important to use the best sources. We give secondary sources such as review articles more weight than primary sources. To read up on our guidelines check out:

If you're entirely new to Wikipedia be sure to see our:

More resources

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The Wikipedia Medical Library
The Wikipedia Library is a resource for anyone who want to use Wikipedia or to do research to help expand and improve Wikipedia.
Specialised resources for Medical editors coming soon

The Library

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  There is also a tool to find all our sub pages: Special:PrefixIndex/Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/ — only for the truly curious

The Translation Task Force is a global initiative by WikiProject Medicine which has translated over 1900 articles into 100+ languages.
It doesn't matter if your first language is English or Swahili, there are always things you can help out with.
Head over to our project page!

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Wikipedia can be a great resource for getting to know a field — and it can give you an encyclopaedic overview of a subject, acting as a spring-board letting you dive deeper. It should however not be used as your only source when performing research, and you should never blindly trust Wikipedia. Over the years quite a literature has been amassed surround the reliability and biases of Wikipedia. To see some of the studies that have been produced on the quality and scope of medical information on Wikipedia take a look at some of the research:

On Wikipedia and Medicine


  • Writing a Wikipedia Article on Cultural Competence in Health Care.
    Zhang & Lin Med Ref Serv Q doi: 10.1080/02763869.2016.1152143


  • Influence of wikipedia and other web resources on acute and critical care decisions. a web-based survey.
    Rössler et al. Intensive Care Med Exp doi: 10.1186/2197-425X-3-S1-A867
By Wikipedians


  • Wikipedia and medicine: quantifying readership, editors, and the significance of natural language.
    Heilman JM, West AG J Med Internet Res doi: 10.2196/jmir.4069
  • Open Access to a High-Quality, Impartial, Point-of-Care Medical Summary Would Save Lives: Why Does It Not Exist?
    Heilman J PLoS Med doi: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1001868
June 2016
  • Wikimedia in Esino Lario 22nd-27th June 2016 — (site)
    • Wikipedia Medicine Pre-conference day 23rd June, Varenna - Villa Monastero (site and slides)
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WikiProject Medicine was started in 2004 by Dr. Jacob de Wolff as WikiProject Clinical Medicine with the later branch WikiProject Preclinical Medicine. These merged and WikiProject Medicine has since been one of Wikipedia's most active WikiProjects. WP:MED as it is known aims to manage and help in curation of Wikipedia's medical articles. We write articles and discuss all manner of issues on our talk page: WT:MED.

Through the years we've built up a catalogue of sub-projects and task-forces which vary in their activity, you can find some of them at the task force page

WikiProject Medicine is the English arm of an international community of Wikimedia medical projects — more of which can be found through the international WikiProject Med Foundation — on the Meta-wiki.

Other early arms were the the German WikiProjekt Medizin which started in 2006 and the French Projet Médecine and Spanish Wikiproyecto Medicina and a number of others!

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All top-importance articles at B-class or above80.5% complete
80 up-to-date featured articles78.8% complete
300 good articles66.3% complete
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194 edits Rudolf Virchow
128 edits Postpartum psychosis
100 edits Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
95 edits Karōshi
88 edits Misophonia
85 edits Thrombophlebitis
83 edits Molluscum contagiosum
76 edits Female genital mutilation
68 edits List of medical schools in the Caribbean
67 edits Tuskegee syphilis experiment

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