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Art+Feminism Ambassador Network[edit]

As part of our efforts to strengthen the Art+Feminism project we are building a network of ambassadors. These ambassadors include three categories of people: Experienced Wikipedians who can facilitate Gender Gap editathons & trainings; Librarians and others with access to facilities and information resource knowledge to organize on the ground; Professors, Librarians and other organizers who are both subject area experts, as well as conduits to bring attendees to the event. In many cases an ambassador may fit into more than one category. We have found that all three of these components are required to organize a successful Gender Gap editathon.

We hope this will be a reusable network, so if a STEM focused group wants to organize a Medicine+Feminism editathon, they can make use of the Experienced Wikipedians; the Librarians and Professors/organizers can vouch for them and/or help facilitate space and resources (via their networks) as they seek out Professors, activists or other subject area experts who can recruit attendees.

Below you will find a list of our current Art+Feminism Ambassadors, organized by region. Ambassadors will be available for contact, via email or talk page, so prospective organizers please feel free to reach out for advice and assistance about setting up local Wikipedia edit-a-thons. Please contact info[at] if you would like to join this group of dedicated volunteers.

North America[edit]

Southwest Location Username Contact information
Stacey Allan Los Angeles, CA User:StaceyEOB
Rachel Simone Weil Austin, TX
Julia Meltzer Los Angles, CA
Dorota Biczel Austin, TX User:Notfromoz
Maya Livio Boulder, CO User:postmodemgrrrl
Northwest Location Username Contact Information
Jason Portland, OR User:Another Believer
Christine D'Onofrio Vancouver, BC, Canada User:LadyBarbarella
Justin Waddell Calgary, AB, Canada User:Justin Seiji Waddell
Julie Perini Portland, OR User:ItalianscallionPDX
Leah Byrne Dawson City, Yukon User:femnorth
Sarah Stierch Napa, California User:Missvain
Morehshin Allahyari Oakland, CA
Nora Hope Karan Oakland, CA
Krystal South Portland, OR User:Krystalsouth
Christina Rea Fresno, CA User:Christinarea
Teri Dowling San Francisco, CA User:tericlaude
Eric Phetteplace Oakland, CA User:Phette23
Nora Hope Karan Oakland, CA
Sally DeHart Oakland, CA User:Sallyd'art
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight Sacramento, CA User:Rosiestep
Northeast Location Username Contact Information
Darin Murphy Boston, MA
Elizabeth Guffey Purchase, NY
Kai Alexis Smith Cambridge, CA User:Siarus1074
Amber Berson Montréal, QC, Canada User:13ab37
Amanda Parmer New York, NY User:morelcasares
Kim Detterbeck Purchase, NY User:KimThreeCat
Marie Sciangula Purchase, NY User:Anchorsandarrows
Heather Slania Washington, DC User:heatherslania
Rachelle Beaudoin Worcester, MA/Peterborough NH USA User:rachelleHC
Mary Mark Ockerbloom Philadelphia, PA User:Mary Mark Ockerbloom
Sarah Hamerman Brooklyn, NY User:Smvlvtmrng
Rebecca Young Halifa, XNova Scotia
Jess Wilcox Brooklyn NY
Marcela Olivia Dorantes Washington, DC
Jenn Karson Burlington, VT User:Szelma
miya masaoka New York, NY
Gabrielle Reed Boston, MA User:Voltaireloving
Ari Spool New York, NY User:Arispool
Angela Washko Pittsburgh, PA User:situated
Koren Whipp New Jersey User:vivawhipp
Laura Petrovich-Cheney Brooklyn, NJ User:Luvtoteachart
Anna Wainwright Brooklyn, NY User:annawainwright
Alice Whiteside Providence, RI User:awhiteside
Marcela Olivia Dorantes Bethesda, MD User:MODowl
Wolf New York User:czar
Sara Clugage Brooklyn, NY User:Dilettante Army
Southeast Location Username Contact information
Kelly Goyette Durham NC User:kellaenoptera
Chloe New Orleans, LA User:craub
JC Breaux Eureka Springs, AR
Kimberly Morse Jones Virginia User:Mkmorsejones
Sally Deskins Morgantown, WV User:SallyDWV
Dina Mack Winter Park, FL
Ganesh Krishnamurthy Atlanta, GA User:Ganeshk
Midwest Location Username Contact Information
Kai Alexis Smith South Bend, IN User:Siarus1074
Amy Furness Toronto, ON, Canada User:Artchivist1
Jessica Parris Westbrook Chicago. IL User:JessicaParrisWestbrook
Angela T. Jones Detroit, MI User:RealSuperWoman
Emily Temple-Wood Illinois User:Keilana
Melanie Emerson Chicago, IL User:memerson
Veronica Paredes Urbana, IL User:Vaparedes
Adam Trowbridge Chicago, IL User:Atrowbri
Paige Dansinger Minneapolis MN User:LightUpBees
Alaura Seidl Madison, WI
Amy Fox Minneapolis, MN User:eneriyma eneriyma
Stevie MI Kansas City, MO User:steviemi
Leigh Bonds Columbus, OH User:leigh.bonds
Ida Lucille Sell Lexington, KY User:IdaLucilleSell
Margit Wilson Minneapolis, MN User:Margitaw
Amy Hamlin St. Paul, MN User:Hesse1984
Gobonobo Minneapolis, MN User:Gobonobo

Central America[edit]

Central America Location Username Contact Information
Karla Hernández San Salvador, El Salvador User:Karlalhdz

South America[edit]

South America Location Username Contact Information
Carolina Brum Medeiros Variable User:missperovaz
Melissa Tamani Lima, Perú User:Yhhue91


Europe Location Username Contact Information
Addie Wagenknecht Innsbruck (AT), Munich (DE) also often in Paris/London :) User:tokori
Loraine Furter Belgium, Brussels User:Lfurter
Sarah Cook Dundee, Scotland User:sarahecook
Michelle Boon The Netherlands User:Michelle Boon
Ilario Italian Switzerland User:Ilario
Maibritt Borgen Copenhagen, Denmark User:muybridge_dk
Mikaela Assolent Paris, France User:Idrere
Flora Katz Paris, France User:Bonny&Read
Camelia Boban Rome, Italy (WikiDonne) User:Camelia.boban
Annemarie Buchmann Austria User:Annemarie Buchmann (WMAT)
Claudia Garád Austria User:Claudia.Garad
Daniela Brugger Switzerland, also hosted/contacts in South Africa, Berlin, Hamburg User:Elena Patrise


Oceania Location Username Contact Information
Lindsay Kelley Sydney, Australia User:lindsaytorte
Tully Barnett Adelaide, South Australia User:tullyis
Diana Smith Sydney, Australia User:Dianavsmith
Bridget Reweti Lower hutt, Wellington, New Zealand User:Peata_likes_art
Courtney Johnston Wellington, New Zealand User:auchmill


Africa Location Username Contact Information
Mohammed Sadat Abdulai Accra, Ghana User:Masssly
Raphael Berchie Accra Ghana User:Rberchie
Mounir Touzri Tunis, Tunisia User:Touzrimounir
Hamed Gamaoun Tunis, Tunisia User:Hamed Gamaoun
Olfa Yakoubi Metlaoui, Tunisia User:Ovva olfa
Geoffrey Kateregga Kampala, Uganda User:Kateregga1
Dominique Eliane Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire User:Yasield

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