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Get started: Learn to edit![edit]

Art+Feminism Quick Guides for Editing on Wikipedia[edit]

Read and download our Quick Guide for Editing on Wikipedia, where you'll learn the basics for making your first successful contributions. This material is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French:

Art+Feminism Training videos[edit]

You can watch these 8 brief videos to walk you through the basics of Wikipedia editing:

Now that you've gotten started, watch these 3 brief videos to learn more:

Organize: create a local event![edit]

Core organizing principles[edit]

We expect all organizers to read and follow the Art+Feminism Core Organizing Principles in which we declare our commitment to working collaboratively, horizontally, intersectionally, with respect and in good faith.

Art+Feminism Quick Guides for Organizers[edit]

Unless otherwise linked, all these materials can be found, in multiple languages, on Wikimedia Commons. Downloadable kit with suggested workflow, event plan, and training and promotional material. Currently available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Safe Space/Brave Space Policy[edit]

All events must display and follow the Art+Feminism Safe Space/Brave Space Policy.

Lesson plans and tutorials for in-person training[edit]

Art+Feminism Beginner and Advanced Training Slides[edit]

We have developed a set of 7 slide presentations on editing in Wikipedia. Five of them correspond to the basic level and 2 of them to the advanced level. You can use them to train yourself in Wikipedia editing, as well as to provide training sessions to your event attendees. There are some sections for collaborative work built-in. If you're running a large group session, you may want to modify these slides to cut these sections out. You'll also find some helpful content in the Notes sections.

This set of slides is also available in Spanish and Portuguese. Previous Art+Feminism slide presentations are available in Italian and Chinese.

Art+Feminism Training Lesson Plan[edit]

Organizers may use the Art+Feminism Training Lesson Plan to help lead or structure Beginner Wikipedia training sessions.

Advanced Wikimedia Training curricula[edit]

The Advanced Training includes "Adding Images," "Adding Infoboxes," "Notability Guidelines for Artists," "New Page Creation," "What do I do if my article is flagged for deletion?" and "Articles for Deletion."

Advanced: more resources![edit]

Below you will find more training materials, online research tools, and other related Wikipedia projects to help you dive further into the Wikimedia community.

Search template[edit]

A comprehensive search template can be added to the talk page of any article related to Women's topics by pasting the following template code at the top of the article's talk page: {{FSS}}, which stands for Friendly search suggestions. This template will also search for free, appropriately-licensed images. It looks like this:
FSS image

More Wikipedia Editing Tutorials[edit]

Research Resources[edit]

Journal access[edit]

  • You can use Worldcat free to get citations in MLA, Chicago, and other bibliographic formats.
  • The Wikipedia Library Journals Project works to grant Wikipedians access to databases to help with their Wikipedia work, and reference work, and for general knowledge. You can request an account on the project pages but must do so in advance. Some journals, such as JSTOR, require editors to have at least 1 year and 1000 edits worth of experience.

Related Wikipedia projects[edit]

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