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I started the space as place for discursive programming that would be linked to showing individual works of art and that both of these things would be related to a larger theme that would change biannually. - AP


The theme changes every six months and is the broadest of these three umbrellas so to speak. The first theme is: Feminism and Technology (February-July, 2014).

Sundays at PARMER (Wikipedia Editing)[edit]

In this case— for the feminism and technology theme— we are holding weekly Sunday wikipedia editing parties: adding new wikipedia pages for artists, authors, thinkers and subjects that the exhibiting artist (in this case Lindsay Benedict) has sent me as a list of influential practices. This allows for a kind of reciprocity between the artist and their predecessors as well as peers that their work could not exist without. In the end creating a community effort/ we all rise together kind of thing.

On February 1st, PARMER held its first Edit-a-Thon in conjunction with the Art+Feminism event at Eyebeam and internationally. Subsequent Sundays at PARMER will draw from the artist's list of influences list and continue through April 6th.

Articles Written[edit]

Articles Edited[edit]

Articles to Write[edit]

Goals for February 9th continue goals from previous weeks work on or create pages for: Sharon Van Etten, Kaja Silverman, Trinh T. Minh-ha, Lydia Bell, Daniella Isamit Morales, Yve Laris Cohen, Åsa Elzén, Ulrike Muller and Trinie Dalton.

Goals for February 16th continue goals from previous weeks and create and/or work on pages for: LTTR, Diane Cluck, Dance Gang, Will Rawls, Sarah Cain, and Anne Wagner.

Goals for March 9th continue goals from previous weeks and create and/or work on pages for: Miguel Gutierrez, Judith Butler, Semiotext(e), Murray Guy.

Goals for March 16th continue goals from previous weeks and create and/or work on pages for:A.L. Steiner, Chris Kraus (American writer).

Goals for March 23rd continue goals from previous weeks and create and/or work on pages for: Center for Movement Research, Clarice Lispector's section on Agua Viva.

About PARMER[edit]

Wikipedia Feminism and Art Brooklyn Branch Editathon

During each thematic period there are three exhibitions that are on view for just under two months each. The exhibitions are single projects or works of art. Each artwork is inaugurated in the space with an opening dinner party that brings together a small group of artists, curators, critics and collectors to start a conversation that loosely reflects on the work displayed.

There is a detail image of the current work entitled "Are You There? Yes. Are You There? Yes." by Lindsay Benedict with the singer Sharon Van Etten the choreographer Lydia Bell, on the website.

There is also a more regular series of programming in conjunction with each theme. PARMER is ongoing.