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Banner created by Emma Scheltema for the Insects of New Zealand edit-a-thon, Auckland, September 2017

What's it about?[edit]

An Edit-a-thon is an all-day attempt to improve Wikipedia's coverage of a particular topic. Led by an experienced Wikipedia editor, participants learn to create and edit pages, correct mistakes, add references, and upload photos. Complete beginners are welcome; training and troubleshooting is provided. This edit-a-thon is being hosted by the University of Auckland, and will focus on adding information on the New Zealand insects depicted on the Insects of New Zealand Playing Cards.

When and where[edit]

  • Sunday 3 September 2017, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm NZST (2 September 2017, 22:00 – 3 September 2017 04:00 UTC/GMT)
  • University of Auckland Tāmaki Campus, 261 Morrin Road, St Johns, Auckland
  • Building 733, Room 234 (we will send you a map and parking info)
  • Participants from anywhere in the world are welcome to join in remotely, using #NZInsectCards in tweets and edit summaries (Wikipedia can search for the #NZInsectCards hashtag now).


  • 10:00: Meet and greet, setup, account creation if needed
  • 10:15–12:00: Intro: how to create and edit species articles on Wikipedia.
  • Lunch break (pizza); there'll also be refreshments available all day. Let us know your dietary preferences when you register.
  • 12:30–16:00: Wikipedia editing. Our goal is for beginners to create stub articles for every species depicted on the Insects of New Zealand cards, and to improve existing species pages. Experienced Wikipedia editors will be available to help and troubleshoot.

How to sign up[edit]

The Edit-a-thon is free and open to all; we would love you to register and make a commitment to coming, so we can make sure the venue will house everybody and we order enough pizza.

You can book online by filling out this Google form. Any questions? Contact Chrissie Painting <>.

People attending[edit]

In person[edit]


What to bring[edit]

  • Laptop and power cord. The venue will have free wifi.
  • Any books, journals, magazine or newspaper articles relevant to pages you're interested in.
  • Photos you've taken that could illustrate species articles; you'll learn how to donate these to the Commons so other Wikipedia articles can use them.


  1. If you're coming, try to create a Wikipedia account beforehand: don't wait until the day to do it! Here's a form you can use. Creating an account makes editing much easier (here's more info on why you should). You'll need to pick a "handle" for your username; you could use your real name, but it's nice to have the option to be a bit anonymous if you want. Here's some advice on picking a username.
  2. Read up on Wikipedia: there are lots of tutorials, like the Wikipedia Adventure, and useful guides, like the Editing Wikipedia brochure.
  3. Have a think about any species you'd like to work on. Check the articles in our To Do list below for any obvious mistakes or problems. Maybe even do a little research first so you're prepared. You don't have to be an entomologist; anyone who can do library research and write clearly can contribute to Wikipedia. The best references for Wikipedia articles are news stories, textbooks, or magazine articles. Look for secondary sources like field guides and popular books that discuss that species, not just scientific papers.
  4. We'll also need photos, and those need to be free of any copyright or released under a Creative Commons license that lets anyone use them. If you're not familiar with Creative Commons, see Useful Links below. If you've taken species photos and are happy to donate them, great! Bring them along. If you know of anyone who has good photos, approach them and ask them if they'd like their work to be seen and used by people all over the world (with them credited, of course).

Guides to editing[edit]

Insect species to work on[edit]

These have been assessed by Giantflightlessbirds and Ambrosia10, taking the Assessing articles guidelines into account. Many articles need good photos, and most need more information. Please feel free to make suggestions on article Talk pages, adopt an article you plan to work on, and approach people you think might have photographs. We've noted places where there are problems with the taxonomy, and would appreciate entomologists suggesting the best solution (but hold off diving in and starting to move and rename articles before you've talked to us!)

Order Species common name Species Latin name Quality Notes
Lepidoptera New Zealand red admiral Vanessa gonerilla Start Taxonomy section; better photos
Diptera New Zealand blue blowfly Calliphora quadrimaculata Start Poorly written student essay, no photo only drawing.
Orthoptera Small field cricket Bobilla Stub No species pages created; needs photo, (no appropriately licensed one found).
Plecoptera Large green stonefly Stenoperla Stub Added several photos to commons.
Coleoptera Rove beetle Kenocoelus Stub Expand. Difficulty finding images, (no appropriately licensed one found).
Lepidoptera Common blue Zizina otis labradus C Needs NZ info, distribution, ecology. Have added one photo to wikicommons.
Coleoptera Manuka beetle Pyronota festiva C Poor student essay; refs, more photos. Added more photos to Wikicommons.
Hemiptera Chorus cicada Amphipsalta zelandica Stub Needs an edit, more pics, cleanup
Hymenoptera Sphecoid wasp Rhopalum perforator Stub Expansion needed.
Lepidoptera Carpet moth Xanthorhoe bulbulata Stub Expansion needed. More refs.
Coleoptera Huhu beetle Prionoplus reticularis Stub Needs good refs, photos, much expansion – the most-viewed NZ beetle page, 1338 views/month!
Lepidoptera Puriri moth Aenetus virescens Stub Expand, more photos (esp. larva, burrows)
Mantodea New Zealand praying mantis Orthodera novaezealandiae Start Rewrite, fix refs, more on NZ vs introduced S African sp
Lepidoptera Lichen moth Declana atronivea Start Just some expansion to get to A-class
Hemiptera Australasian shield bug Glaucias amyoti Stub Needs photos and much expansion
Hymenoptera Southern ant Monomorium antarcticum Stub More pics, refs, expansion
Hymenoptera Striated ant Huberia striata Stub Needs expansion.
Hymenoptera Ant Pachycondyla castaneicolor Stub Actually Austroponera? Needs more info.
Hemiptera Water boatman Sigara arguta Stub Expansion needed. More references.
Odonata Red damselfly Xanthocnemis zealandica Stub Better refs and nice photos. Added some more photos to Wikicommons, more also available here
Coleoptera Diving beetle Rhantus plantaris Stub Was moved in April 2017 to Carabdytes:
Diptera New Zealand mosquito Culiseta novaezealandiae Stub Difficulty finding images.
Coleoptera New Zealand dung beetle Saphobius inflatipes Stub see Canthonini. Difficulty finding images.
Neuroptera Antlion lacewing Weeleus acutus Stub Needs expansion. More images. More refs.
Lepidoptera New Zealand jaw moth Sabatinca aurella Stub Currently in Micropardalis aurella so could be moved. Better photo!
Hymenoptera Lemon tree borer parasite Xanthocryptus novozealandicus Stub Could be expanded to Start
Orthoptera Tree wētā Hemideina thoracica Stub Ridiculously, masses of wētā are missing! See Tree weta. Needs expansion.
Coleoptera Tiger beetle Cicindela C Has the subg. Cicindela (Neocicindela) been raised to genus Neocicindela? One NZ article Cicindela tuberculata - should this be Neocicindela tuberculata now? See Larochelle and Larivière 2013, 2016
Coleoptera Squeaking longhorn Hexatricha pulverulenta Stub Need more references, ecology, photos
Coleoptera Ant-like leaf beetle Xylophilus luniger To create: check Xylophilus genus. Need to confirm current name before creating. Is it now Aderus luniger [1], [2]
Blattodea Native bush cockroach Celatoblatta Stub Expansion & images needed. No species articles yet. C. vulgaris is the most common NZ species.
Megaloptera Dobsonfly Archichauliodes diversus Start General cleanup, larva photo
Hemiptera Spittle bug Carystoterpa fingens Stub Needs expanding. Needs images. Several images have been added to Wikicommons.
Coleoptera Ground beetle Ctenognathus Stub No species pages created.
Hymenoptera Native bee Leioproctus fulvescens Stub Just some expansion to get to start. More refs.
Diptera West coast black fly Austrosimulium ungulatum Stub Having difficulty finding images. Expansion needed.
Phasmatodea New Zealand stick insect Clitarchus hookeri Stub Expand, more photos.
Coleoptera Helms' stag beetle Geodorcus helmsi C Needs expansion to get to A class
Diptera Green soldier fly Beris Stub General expansion. Add citations. Image
Odonata New Zealand bush giant dragonfly Uropetala carovei Start Expansion needed. More pics.
Lepidoptera Kūmara moth Agrius convolvuli Start Expand.
Dermaptera Seashore earwig Anisolabis littorea Stub Expand. Needs images.
Hemiptera Sooty beech scale insect Ultracoelostoma assimile Stub Expand. One CC BY image in iNaturalist but blurry. Need images.
Hymenoptera Masked bee Hylaeus agilis Stub General expansion and photos
Orthoptera Alpine grasshopper Sigaus australis Start Expand. Type info section needed in prose.
Diptera Three-lined hover fly Helophilus seelandicus Stub Expand. Needs images.
Diptera Kelp fly Chaetocoelopa littoralis Stub Expand. Having difficulty finding images.
Diptera Fungus gnat/Glow worm Arachnocampa luminosa Start Expand, more citations, pics. Taxonomy.
Ephemeroptera Swimming mayfly Nesameletus ornatus Stub Needs significant expanding and images.
Coleoptera Canterbury knobbled weevil Hadramphus tuberculatus Stub Expand, more photos (Ambrosia10 can't find any), see see see
Coleoptera Black spined weevil Scolopterus Stub Scolopterus penicillatus exists
Orthoptera Cave wētā Pachyrhamma Stub More info, pics, create species pages
Hymenoptera Spider wasp Sphictostethus nitidus Start Cleanup, break into sections, more info. Pics
Coleoptera Giraffe weevil Lasiorhynchus barbicornis C Check for any other recent literature

See also Guide to species names at Insects of New Zealand Playing Cards, including a link to a PDF document containing lists, in two different sort orders, of the scientific and common names.


Giantflightlessbirds helps a participant during the workshop.

Twenty-one people took part in the workshop, and three remotely, making 433 edits in total. Most worked on the list above, but in addition the following pages were created:

The following pages were improved:

And images were added to Commons for the following:



News media[edit]


Many thanks for Chrissie Painting and Leilani Walker for hosting this edit-a-thon, to Emma Scheltema for her gorgeous artwork, and to the Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity at the University of Auckland for funding and support. This event wouldn't exist without the Entomological Society of New Zealand backing the Insects of New Zealand Playing Cards project.