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Date: Saturday February 10th 2007

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Location: Galbraith's, Mt Eden Rd


Meetup people

Participants from left to right: Mathmo , SimonLyall , Linnah , gadfium , Helenalex , MadMaxDog

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Previous meetups[edit]



  1. Avenue
  2. gadfium
  3. Helenalex
  4. Jakemp50cz
  5. Linnah
  6. MadMaxDog
  7. Mathmo
  8. SimonLyall


  • Introductions.
  • Politicians' Images from their Political Party's sites

Independent contacts have been made with some of the NZ political parties about releasing images of MPs and other figures with a Wikipedia compatible license. Some discussion of this included problems with approaching other groups and getting people to release with a good license rather than just give "okay for Wikipedia".

Some discussion around recent publicity regarding this. A summary of the affair was given to those participants who had not been following it. General feeling seemed to be that the type of conference made reference difficult and the negative publicity was partially due to the lack of understanding of Wikipedia by the Foo Camp participants.

  • News from Māori Wikipedia and Others. (assuming participants from those attend).

No participants from Maori attended. there was a brief discussion on their FAQ which discouraged non-fluent speakers from contributing.

  • Simon Lyall has a related project idea he'd like to bounce off people.
  • NZ related projects like the Portal, Delete Sorting, Notice Board, Wikiproject etc
  • Template to welcome NZers

General feeling this needs to be formalised a bit more. It should point people towards the notice board. and perhaps other NZ related resources.

  • New Zealand Collaboration of the Fortnight - how to revive it

Generally feeling was that people would like to work on this but were pretty busy with other areas. It is a good idea if there are enough people who are able to do some work on each new article.

  • Proposal to select one / more articles to get to 'Featured Article' status (suggestions welcome, lets bounce off a few ideas)

Similar to the Collaboration of the Fortnight. A good idea but only if people have time to devote to it.

  • Music Articles
  • Quality of Articles
  • Future Meetups - How to notify/contact: Problem currently faced is not every wikipedian is listed in nor is there a Wikipedian in Auckland category. Notifying people about meetup has been by leaving messages in each person's talk page. This involves the meetup organiser knowing who are in or near Auckland. It isn't scalable! Possibility of using a mailing list was discussed. Although there are people who can host the mailing list, it was decided that we should try to use facilities available within wikipedia for such communications. Discussion also related to being able to discuss with NZ Wikipedians about NZ related issues. So the measures below were agreed on
    • Encourage all NZ Wikipedians to watch the New Zealand Wikipedians' notice board page. A note will be placed where to announce the next meetup. This will also facilitate discussion of other NZ related issues when they crop up.
    • Specifically for Auckland Meetups.
      • Encourage wikipedians interested in Auckland Meetups to watch Wikipedia:Meetup/Auckland
      • A subpage off the Wikipedia:Meetup/Auckland page to be set up. This page is where usernames of wikipedians wishing to be notified of Auckland meetups can be listed. They will be notified by a note being placed on the user's talk page.
  • Future Meetups - Other :
    • It was generally agreed that we should attempt to meet every six months.
    • The venue worked well for a variety of reasons. It was central, handy to busses and easy to find parking. The room where we were in was relatively quiet.
    • There was some discussion on setting up an Auckland wikipedians category. Does anyone remember what was decided?

Impressions from participants[edit]

  • Nice to have met all of you. Great to be able to chat about Wikipedia 'work' with fellow editors for once instead of being the one explaining it to other people! Good venue, too. MadMaxDog 10:49, 10 February 2007 (UTC)


Note: Filming people unable to make it.

  • Introductions.
  • Recent publicity regarding Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Kiwi Foo Camp
  • News from Māori wikipedia and Others. (assuming participants from those attend).
  • Simon Lyall has a related project idea he'd like to bounce off people.
  • NZ related projects like the Portal, Delete Sorting, Notice Board, Wikiproject etc
  • New Zealand Collaboration of the Fortnight - how to revive it
  • Proposal to select one / more articles to get to 'Featured Article' status (suggestions welcome, lets bounce off a few ideas)
  • Future Meetups - Some thought is required on how to contact people more easily for meetups than leaving messages in each person's talk page. It isn't scalable! Mailing list? Page everyone should add to watchlist? Have an "Auckland Wikipedians category"? other ideas?

Who's planning to come?[edit]

Please give your name (three tildes only: "~~~") and an indication of how likely it is that you'll be able to make it. With some idea of numbers, I can then book an appropriate number of tables — or a whole room if it seems warranted.

  1. SimonLyall I will almost certainly come.
  2. gadfium Almost certainly
  3. MadMaxDog 97% chance of me attending.
  4. Onco_p53 Definitely, and a fine choice of location.
  5. Mathmo Almost certainly, IF I remember and nothing else comes up. Excellent location, very central.
  6. GeorgeStepanek Very likely.
  7. Hauser As long as I am able to get the time off work (50% chance sadly...)
  8. Linnah Will probably be coming
  9. Brian New Zealand 50% chance of me coming, I hope to make this one :)

800px Auckland Skyline as viewed from Northcote

Getting There[edit]

  • The Homepage is at
  • The are at the very start of Mt Eden Rd, just after to breaks off (to the left) at the top of Symonds St.
  • There is a carpark next door but I am not sure of the price, parking is also possible on Mt Eden Rd or nearby roads.
  • We have booked a table in the sideroom. To get there go in the main doors until you reach the main room (with the bar), turn right and go though a door (indicating toilets), there is a medium sized room with 2 long tables, we have booked one of these.
  • Booking is under the name of "Simon", Please call him on 027 xxx xxxxx if you get lost.