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Bangalore meetup, 2006 is a meeting of Wikipedians, along with Jimbo, in the city of Bangalore, India. The meeting was held on 29 September, 2006.


People who participated:

  1. Sundar
  2. Hari Prasad Nadig
  3. Shyamal
  4. Rakesh 'arky' Ambati
  5. Praveen
  6. Gurubrahma
  7. Ramprasad B
  8. Pramod
  9. Bhadani
  10. Dwaipayan
  11. Ashwatham
  12. Abhas Abhinav
  13. Kalyan Varma
  14. Atul Chitnis
  15. Kiruba Shankar
  16. Anush Shetty
  17. Kiran Paidi

An evening with Jimmy Wales

An evening with Jimmy Wales

During his second visit to India (the first being in the last week of August 2006) in connection with his participation and presentation of key note address on new cyber genres (like wikis, blogs, collaborative tools and models) at Infovision 2006[1] at Bangalore, India, Jimmy Wales desired to have a meeting with Indian Wikipedians. The initiative to organize the meet was taken by Sundar, and several other Wikipedians located in Bangalore. Until the last moment, on account of tight schedule of Jimmy, the date, time, and the venue of the Meet could not be finalised. However, despite his heavy engagements, Jimmy’s desire to meet Indian wikipedians prevailed, and he took time off to have an unconference of sort with Indian Wikipedians. The venue was Coconut Grove Restaurant, Church Street, Bangalore, and the schedule of the meeting was from 05.00 PM - 06.30 PM (IST) on 29th September 2006. However, the meeting lasted for around three hours. The Meet was historic as it was Jimmy's first ever direct interaction with Indian Wikipedians in India.

The Meet was an inspiring affair, and Jimmy stressed the requirement for the development of Wikipedias in Indian languages and building of vibrant wiki-communities for development of Wikipedias in languages spoken in India. Interaction also revolved round "unicode" and "transliteration". He was very informal, and donned a kurta-type shirt. He was a patient listener, and listened to everything and everyone very carefully.

Meeting coverage/Post-meetup summary/Blogs/News

Blog posts

  1. Kiruba Shankar has a nice report about the meet, with photos.
  2. Atul Chitnis:Back in India, jampacked schedule
  3. Praveen A: Meeting Jimmy Wales


Free images

  1. Wikipedia Meetup by RamKrsna (Flickr)
  2. Kalyan's photos from the wikipedia meet (Flickr)

Non-free images

  1. Krib's photos by Kiruba Shankar (Flickr)

Wikipedia Signpost

The Meet has been reported at the Signpost: Jimbo meets with Wikipedians in India.