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Birmingham Selfridges building.jpg   Birmingham   view/edit  
  Date: 21 January 2006
  Time: 12:00 noon
  Place: The Square Peg
Bull St/Corporation St  

There have been four proper Wikimeets in London. And one in Birmingham. This page serves as a reference point for any future meet-ups that are held within the city to save repeating the directions, train details etc.



The first meet-up was held at The Square Peg, in Birmingham city centre at the junction of Bull Street and Corporation Street B4 6DW (407200E 287058N or N52:28:53 W1:53:43).

Free maps of Birmingham city centre can be got at the tourist information bureau in New Street outside the station (It's the small triangular glass building, you cant miss it)

Here is a (rather poor) map of Birmingham city centre Here

Train services[edit]

  • Birmingham New Street serves most mainline stations. Leave New Street by the main exit (follow the bulk of the crowds up the stairs/escalator), after going through the manned ticket barriers (have your tickets ready!), go straight ahead and up the escalators, turn left and follow the Pallasades shopping precinct round to the left, and the crossroads turn right to go out past HMV and Woolworths and down the ramp, then staight up the road immediately in front of you, keep following and you will see the building on your left after a few minutes.
  • Birmingham Moor Street and Birmingham Snow Hill have trains every half hour running to/from Marylebone and serve various other parts of the country that are not part of the West Coast Main Line. Both stations are slightly confusing (one is being rebuilt and the other is under a car park), but follow the masses (of Saturday shoppers) and you will find your way out! From there head into the city (you'll be facing inwards as you come out the station.


  • National Rail — Contains rail planner and latest delays/maintenance work. The Square Peg is no more than 5 minutes from Birmingham Moor Street, Birmingham Snow Hill and Birmingham New Street.
  • Map of city centre[1] and respective PDF[2] (easier to read when enlarging). Aim for the bottom right of D3 (where it says Civil Justice Centre), it's quite hard to miss!

Past attendees of Birmingham meet-ups[edit]

  1. Greg Robson
  2. Thryduulf
  3. G-Man
  4. Morwen
  5. Charles Matthews
  6. Warofdreams