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Birmingham Selfridges building.jpg   Birmingham   view/edit  
  Date: 21 January 2006
  Time: 12:00 noon
  Place: The Square Peg
Bull St/Corporation St  

The first ever meetup held in Birmingham (and indeed outside of London within the UK), and was held on January 21, 2006 and started at 12 noon.


The meet-up was held at The Square Peg, in Birmingham city centre at the junction of Bull Street and Corporation Street B4 6DW (407200E 287058N or N52:28:53 W1:53:43).


  1. Andreww
  2. Charles Matthews
  3. G-Man
  4. Greg Robson
  5. Morwen
  6. Thryduulf
  7. Warofdreams

Discussed items[edit]

It would be impossible to document everything that happened over food, drink and the quiz, but areas that were discussed included:

  • The upcoming creation of the UK chapter and the steps afterwards.
  • Politics of varying varieties.
  • The regeneration of cities around the UK (including Birmingham of course).


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