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Meetup/Boston/Open Access Month Edit-a-thon at BU
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When and Where
Time 12 pm to 2:00pm
Address 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Lower Level
City, State Boston, Massachusetts
Date October 11, 2017

Open Access Month Edit-a-thon at BU[edit]

Join us for a community Wikipedia editing event, as we update and create articles in the world’s largest crowdsourced encyclopedia. No Wikipedia editing experience is necessary! We’ll provide tutorials for the beginner Wikipedian, reference materials, and a pizza lunch. If you would like us to provide a laptop for you to use, please let us know when you register. Register now!

Event Information[edit]

  • Date: October 11, 2017
  • Time: 12-2:00 pm
  • Location: Thurman Center, Makechnie Room, 778 Commonwealth Avenue (GSU), Lower Level, Boston, MA, 02215
  • Hosts: Boston University Libraries Digital Scholarship Services (DiSc), Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground
  • Please bring: A laptop and a Wikipedia account. Don't have a laptop? Let us know when you register. Don't have a Wikipedia account? That's ok. You can try to create one in advance. Wikipedians will be on hand to assist those who need help setting up an account.

Track Your Participation[edit]

We will be using a Wikipedia Dashboard to easily track the edits made during this Edit-a-thon. By logging into the dashboard before you start editing, your edits will be automatically tracked, and we'll be able to collect statistics on the work we've done during this editing event.

  1. Go to the BU Libraries 2017 Open Access Month Edit-a-thon Program Page.
  2. Under Actions, click Join Program.
  3. Enter the passcode we will provide you with.

Possible Topics for Editing / Articles to Create[edit]


The goal of WikiProject:Women is to "improve Wikipedia's coverage of women's topics. WikiProject Women brings Wikipedia users of all genders, sexual orientations, geographic locations, and personal backgrounds together to discuss and collaborate on coverage of women's content across Wikipedia."

Create New Articles[edit]

  • Women in Red: Lists of women's biographies and works by women that need Wikipedia pages; topics are listed by focus area, nationality, occupation, time period, and institution

Expand Articles[edit]

Clean Up Articles[edit]


WikiProject: Massachusetts is "intended primarily to produce, develop, and expand articles, templates, and other content relating to the U.S. state of Massachusetts."

Expand Articles[edit]

Clean Up Articles[edit]

Add Citations[edit]

Wikipedia's Citation Hunt tool randomly generates Wikipedia snippets that need reliable citations.

Training to Edit Wikipedia[edit]

Resources for Research[edit]

Results / Outcomes[edit]

New Articles[edit]

Expanded or Improved[edit]