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Wiki meetup

This meetup is honour of Wikipedia:WikiWomen's History Month. It will take place at the grounds of the Hawker International Softball Centre during an international test series match between the Australian women's national softball team and the Japanese women's national team. One of the goals of the meetup will be to take pictures of current national team players, and do original research to write an article about the game for Wikinews. If you have a camera, you're highly encouraged to attend. During the game, we can discuss the issue of women's sport coverage on Wikipedia, improving women's content, uploading pictures on Commons and writing for Wikinews. Otherwise, we will have a good time and watch one of the best softball teams in the world.

  • Location: Hawker International Softball Centre, Canberra
  • Date and time: Friday, 23 February 2012 at 6pm [1]



I may attend.

Not attending

Not attending but if you're planning another meetup, let me know!


Is this the Australian team or the ACT team?[2] Anyway what does it take to go in, is it free entry, or do you need to get a pre-purchased ticket? --Graeme Bartlett

It is the national team. I strongly suspect there will be a small entrance fee. I do not think you need to pre-purchase tickets. (I've been diligently trying to get a hold of the softball people for a week now. I want to repeat on a not take to GA level what I did with the water polo players by getting pictures. Not getting responses. All the articles are prepped for DYK length though.) --LauraHale (talk) 00:15, 16 March 2012 (UTC)

If we discuss something interesting, we'll write a report.