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Wikipedia:Meetup/Cebu 2

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The Second Wikipedia meet-up in Cebu is scheduled in Metro Cebu on Sunday, May 3, 2009 in the afternoon to early evening. The first meet-up was held in Mandaue City, Cebu on June 23, 2008.

When, Where[edit]

Sunday May 3, 2009 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Meeting place is at AA BBQ near USP in Lahug, Cebu City.

Tentative topics/agenda[edit]

  • Bring your own ideas!
  • Anything relevant to the cause of Wikipedia (the English and Philippine-language editions of Wikipedia) and wikis in general.

Interested Wikipedians[edit]

Likely attendees[edit]

Possible attendees[edit]

  • User:Exec8 - depends on number of interested attendees.
  • Sky Harbor - Apparently, a Zest Airways ticket as of the time of this comment is around P3,000, but if the price goes up, I may take the SuperFerry. I'll see if I can come, but someone has to pick me up (at the airport or the seaport).
  • User:palang_hernan - depends on the number of attendees.


  • Efe - I have summer class. Sorry. I'll read the minutes, anyway.
  • Fil Student - Sorry, I live in Manila and I have no time to travel. I'll see what will happen anyway.
  • Drakesketchit - Been busy with work these days. Just read the announcement now. I already have plans for today.
  • JLRAtwil - Didn't notice that.

Actual attendance[edit]

All Wikipedians in the likely attendees list were able to meetup.

Mga kauban,

Komosta! Karon lang ko kabantay nga nagtagbo diay mo adtong petsa 3. Nia lang koy gamayng buot pakisayran. Unsa man kahay problema nga dili na man ko makasulod sa edit? Hinuon, dugay-dugay na pod kong nakatampo dinhi. Ug karon nga nakaduaw kog balik, dili na man ko maka-edit. Dili na ba ko makadayon dinhi? Salamat. --E.S. Godin


The Cebu 2 meetup is actually the first meetup in Cebu where participants indeed are able to "meet up" face-to-face. Among the different topics/issues discussed are the following:

  • The immediate need for the incorporation of the local Wikimedia chapter, Wikimedia Philippines. The participants unanimously supports the founding of WMPH. Bentong even brought a cake with the Wikimedia Philippines as cake decoration.
  • Publicity and usage of Philippine regional wikipedias. It has been noted that usage (edits, new articles, page views, etc.) on Philippine-based regional wikipedias is dwindling or stagnant with the exception of Tagalog wikipedia and to a lesser extent the Cebuano wikipedia.
  • The CC-BY-SA and GFDL dual license and the issue of image copyrights.