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Chicago Meetup 19
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When and Where
DateThursday, August 8, 2019
Time6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
AddressPlymouth Rooftop Bar & Grill
327 S. Plymouth Ct.
City, StateChicago, IL 60604

Event information[edit]

  • Date: Thursday, August 8, 2019
  • Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • WMF Strategic Planning discussion: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Location: Plymouth Rooftop Bar & Grill
    327 S. Plymouth Ct.
    Chicago, IL 60604
  • Cost: Food will be covered, tentatively up to $10 per attendee (up to $150 total); drinks will not be covered.

What to expect[edit]

This event is a hybrid Wiknic and strategy salon, with funding provided by a microgrant from Wikimedia NYC. With Wikimania 2019 coming up later this month, now is as good of a time as ever to discuss the 2030 strategy, which will be finalized at the conference. Since this event is also a Wiknic, it is intended to be rather casual and provide opportunities for Wikimedians to get to know one another. Everyone is welcome, regardless of Wikipedia editing experience.

Strategy discussion[edit]

The two thematic areas proposed for discussion are community health and diversity. Discussion can also touch upon any of the other thematic areas. Scoping questions to prompt discussion are:

  • How can we ensure that our communities are places that people want to be part of and participate in, and how can we make people stay?
  • How can we become allies to underrepresented groups to counter the structures of power and privilege and move towards knowledge equity?

Participants—Sign Up Here![edit]

Sign up below to let us know you are coming! This will help greatly with event arrangements. Prior to the event:

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Meetup notes[edit]

Photograph of most of the attendees at the 8 August 2019 Chicago Wiknic.

Participants met for light fare and drinks at Plymouth Restaurant before moving to an outdoor location near Grant Park. The meetup went from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. Conversation topics flowed between Wikimedia in general and the 2030 strategy. Many attendees learned about the 2030 strategy for the first time; strategy conversation therefore tended to be more general in nature. Two main themes involved equitable access to the knowledge creation process:

  1. How to involve academics on Wikipedia
  2. How to involve non-"hardcore" users in site decisions (e.g., RFCs)

Following are some general notes from strategy-related conversation:

  • Global banner notifying everyone (maybe even beyond logged-in users) about “important” decisions (for example, live RFCs, RFAs). Twitter feed? RSS feed? This may increase representation. Otherwise, only those who know where to look will be able to participate.
  • Board reps for non-hardcore editors (how do we represent the interests of those who consume but do not edit, or those who neither consume nor edit? re: global encyclopedia)
  • Bring in academics to contribute, especially for subjects that could use their help (re: Thomas Shafee's presentation to the American Psychological Association)
  • Incentives to increase editing accessibility, content diversity
  • Wiki journals minting doi legitimacy —> incentive
  • Gamification of editing as a successful incentive
  • 20th century idea of sources being print as being notable
  • Usability testing grants for Wikimedia features