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Join us for the...

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Poster for the edit-a-thon

Emerging Technologies Edit-a-thon

in honor of National Nanotechnology Day

Sponsored by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Learn about NIOSH's research on health and safety issues of emerging technologies like nanotechnology and 3D printing from the scientists themselves! Afterwards, we'll work together to improve coverage of workplace health and safety topics on Wikipedia.
NIOSH is the leading federal agency conducting research and providing guidance on the effects of engineered nanomaterials on worker health, and methods to control or eliminate exposures. NIOSH's Nanotechnology Research Center coordinates the nanotechnology and additive manufacturing activities of a diverse group of scientists from across NIOSH's many divisions. NIOSH created the Center for Occupational Robotics Research in 2017 to evaluate potential benefits and risks of robots in the workplace, and develop guidance for safe interactions between humans and robots.
Thursday, October 18, 2018, 3–5 PM


Thompson Library, The Ohio State University
Room 150B
1858 Neil Avenue Mall, Columbus, OH
You may also join us remotely from wherever you are!


Because this event is geared towards experienced Wikipedians, a traditional training will not be given. Instead, we'll have a few brief topical presentations and then proceed to editing.

  • Presentations (~1 hour)
    • Overview of NIOSH (John P. Sadowski)
    • Nanotechnology and 3D printing (Kevin L. Dunn)
    • Robots in the workplace (Chris Wendt)
  • Editing on workplace health and safety topics

Articles to work on[edit]

A greyscale microscope image showing a rigid rod extending from both sides of a mottled cellular mass
An electron microscope image of bundles of multiwalled carbon nanotubes piercing a lung cell

Your contributions to the edit-a-thon can cover any notable occupational health and safety topic. Here are some resources to help you get started.

Specific requests[edit]


Articles closely related to NIOSH that might pose a conflict of interest should not be directly edited by NIOSH staff. This includes edits to articles about yourself, your employer, and others with which you have a relationship.


A man wearing a white lab coat reachess over a beaker containing white powder on a balance
A worker wearing personal protective equipment while weighing carbon nanotubes


Congratulations! Your work will help others to learn about occupational safety and health topics! See this event's dashboard; outcomes are also listed below.


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