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Join us for the...

WikiConference North America 2018 Columbus Edit-a-thon

at WikiConference North America
Our third-annual Culture Crawl will occur on October 19, 2018, in Columbus, Ohio. During this time, we encourage participants to help improve Wikipedia articles and Wikidata items related to the city of Columbus - the conference's host city.


Friday, October 19, 2018, 10am to 5pm


Columbus Metropolitan Library (Main Branch), Columbus, Ohio - Main Auditorium


There are a number of ways to participate:

  • Identify articles that need improvement
  • Expand stubs
  • Add citations
  • Copyediting and re-wording (especially for promotional content)
  • Take photos of notable locations
  • What to bring: A laptop (or other device you can edit from). The Columbus Metropolitan Library provides internet for all guests.


Tools and training[edit]

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  • Making worklists from Web-scraped content. Use OCR software to turn PDF's into text, and then into Wikipedia/Wikidata worklists.
    • OCR tools - Adobe Acrobat, Google Drive/Docs, Tesseract OCR engine
    • Worklist cleaning/normalization - scripts, EMACS, BBedit, Atom, Google Sheets
    • Wiki worklist - Petscan
    • Worklist interaction - TABernacle for Wikidata
    • Example: Ohio Literary Map PDF - How do you turn this large PDf graphic] into a wiki worklist? It is a raster image, so no selectable text by default.


Columbus Metropolitan Library photos[edit]

The Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) maintains an extensive digital collection of historic media related to Ohio, including thousands of public domain photos that show the history of Columbus. This is a great opportunity to upload photos to Wikimedia Commons and illustrate Wikipedia articles.

When uploading, please mention at least the following metadata in the image description:

  • From the Columbus Metropolitan Library
  • Collection name
  • Identifier


A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Topiary Park

  • Others
    • Topiary Park in Durbuy [1]
    • Topiary Park in Zarcero, Costa Rica




Women from Columbus

Columbus neighborhoods

Ohio Literary Map worklist[edit]

Done at the CML

Billy Ireland worklist[edit]

Missing Latinx cartoonists[edit]

Missing Latinx cartoonists[edit]

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