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Wikipedia Edit A Thon: Improving FOIA          

Join the FOIA Edit-a-thon at the Center for Public Integrity and help to improve or create Wikipedia articles about the U.S. Freedom of Information Act.

New to editing Wikipedia? Don't worry - Training will be provided. Laptops are required. Please bring your own.


Friday, July 19 2019 from 3-5pm


Center for Public Integrity
Barr Building
910 17th St NW #700
Washington, DC 20006

Sign up![edit]

Training will be led by Andrew Lih (User:Fuzheado) with volunteers from Wikimedia DC. This event is open to up to 12 participants of all Wikipedia experience levels, from beginner to expert.

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1) Select 'Sign in'
2) Scroll down on the page that follows and click 'Publish changes' or 'Save changes'.
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Suggested Work List[edit]

  • Freedom of Information Act (United_States)
    • Elaborate on Exemption 4 - "trade secrets and commercial or financial information obtained from a person and privileged or confidential"
      • Add mention of 1974 landmark case National Parks Conservation Ass'n v. Morton
        • "releasing the data was likely (1) to impair the Government’s ability to obtain necessary information in the future; or (2) to cause substantial harm to the competitive position of the person from whom the information was obtained." - from Lexology [1]
      • Add mention of 2019 Supreme Court decision on Food Mktg. Inst. v. Argus Leader Media - PDF file
      • "The Court’s decision overturns the definition of confidential established over forty years ago in Nat’l Parks & Conservation Ass'n v. Morton, 498 F.2d 765 (D.C. Cir. 1974)." - Department of Justice [2]
      • "Court gives broad meaning to “confidential” in FOIA exemption for commercial and financial information" - SCOTUSblog [3]
  • Administrative Procedure Act (United States)
  • Wikidata items related to this
    • Add Wikidata items for the important cases related to FOIA over the years
    • Example of a Supreme Court citation tree generated via Wikidata for Roe v. Wade [4]
  • Sources to draw from
    • FOIA blog at NARA
    • There's a (new?) job title in the Federal government for FOIA and privacy experts: Look for job series 0306, Government Information Specialist job series; some info may be at
    • Freedom of Information Act = 5 U.S.C. 552, right?
    • Many/most FOIA requests are from potential government suppliers who want to find out about existing contracts and acquisition. (source, aside from uncite-able interviews? uncertain)
    • Govt agencies use one of a couple of common platforms to process and track FOIA requests ; This is one:

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