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Federal Register Editathon at the National Archives[edit]

National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

In order to increase the breadth and quality of information about the United States government on Wikipedia, the National Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal Register is organizing an editathon with Wikimedia D.C. The event will focus on improving Wikipedia entries related to government publications administered by the Office of the Federal Register, and articles which cite those publications. Activities will include new editor orientation and training and a tour of the National Archives. Coffee and lunch are generously provided courtesy of Wikimedia D.C.

Friday, May 23rd, 2014
10:00am - 5:00pm
Anyone! No advanced technical skills or subject matter expertise required! Let us know if you need a loaner laptop.
What to bring
Photo ID and a laptop computer
Room: Innovation Hub
National Archives Building
700 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC
Please enter on the Pennsylvania Ave. entrance (non-Mall-facing side)
RSVP requested
Sign up directly below or on our page. This event is free of charge.


Federal Register Editathon — Agenda
Time Activity Location
10:00 Meet
National Archives Building
700 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C.
10:30-11:00 Introduction to the Federal Register Innovation Hub
11:00-12:00 Tour of the National Archives rotunda and exhibits

See new exhibits: Records of Rights and Making Their Mark: Stories Through Signatures)

12:00-1:00 Wikipedia editing tutorial Innovation Hub
(Lunch and coffee provided
by Wikimedia D.C.
1:00-5:00 Editing


  1. Do I need to have any Wikipedia experience to participate?
    No experience required! However, you may wish to register a user account on Wikipedia in advance of the event.
  2. what kind of swag can we anticipate receiving?
    probably some wikidata swag :)



  1. Dominic·t 20:29, 27 March 2014 (UTC)
  2. Of course I would go to the first-ever CFR-related edit-a-thon. Harej (talk) 21:49, 8 April 2014 (UTC)
  3. Woo 24 (talk) 12:47, 24 April 2014 (UTC)
  4. ben.jordi (talk) 9:26, 24 April 2014 (UTC)
  5. KgLiberty (talk) 9:38, 24 April 2014 (UTC)
  6. User:Friend of Smokey the Bear
  7. Yay, I can attend! --Aude (talk) 19:06, 7 May 2014 (UTC)
  8. Gregva2007 (talk) 16:29, 8 May 2014 (UTC)
  9. Risk Engineer (talk) 12:45, 13 May 2014 (UTC)
  10. econterms (talk) 15:31, 13 May 2014 (UTC)
  11. apbunk (talk)
  12. MardiRob (talk)
  13. Charley Barth
  14. Geraldshields11 (talk) 11:45, 22 May 2014 (UTC) and need to borrow a laptop
  15. Antony–22 (talkcontribs) 23:58, 22 May 2014 (UTC)
  16. Ann Vroom - will be a little late but will be there
  17. Djembayz
  18. Sfrattini (talk) 16:27, 23 May 2014 (UTC)
  19. Estellenewman (talk) 17:22, 23 May 2014 (UTC)
  20. Historyedits (talk) 17:23, 23 May 2014 (UTC)
  21. BrianSwidal


  1. Fuzheado | Talk 18:16, 23 April 2014 (UTC)
  2. George BarnickTalk/Contribs 20:58, 3 May 2014 (UTC)

To do[edit]

Office of the Federal Register publications
Specific Code of Federal Regulations titles

Resources for citations and images[edit]

Office of the Federal Register Documentation[edit]
Code of Federal Regulations Documentation[edit]

Code of Federal Regulations: LSA, list of CFR sections affected. National Archives of the United States. 1956. pp. 13–. 

DCPD/WCPD Documentation[edit]
Title 3[edit]
US Government Manual[edit]
General OFR Sources[edit]

Results / Outcomes[edit]

On wikidata:

Press Coverage[edit]

  • Weekly Standard, "Feds Collaborate With Wikipedia Editors to Improve 'Wikipedia Entries Related to Government Publications'" - [1]