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Expeditions and Explorers Field Notes To-do list[edit]

Thank you for expressing interest in improving coverage related to field books of scientists and from expedition!

Every person and expedition listed in this to-do list is included in the Field Book Project and in the Smithsonian Institution Archives. Here you will find a link to an article that needs improvement or an article that needs to be created. You will also find images and other resources to help you get started and other Smithsonian Institution resources for use!

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  1. Rediscovered Anomochloa in 1976 with assistant Sr. Talmon dos Santos in Bahia, Brazil. This tropical forest grass had died out, so this was a tremendous discovery and set the path for Judziewicz and Soderstrom (1989) to do a detailed morphological and anatomical study. This study confirmed Anomochloa was a grass and offered insight into its peculiar flowering structures.
  2. Deposited approximately 1000 collections, many of them bamboo, at the U.S. National Herbarium
  3. Discovered and named approx. 20 taxa [36][37][38]
  1. Represented the Smithsonian Institution as member and designated specialist to preserve specimens for the 1909 African Expedition[44]
  2. Provided 1905 survey of Buffalo on Wichita Forest and Game Reserve or “Wichita Buffalo Range” for New York Zoological Society[45]
  3. Assistant Curator (care for animals) of National Zoological Park under Hornaday[46]
  1. President (1950 – 1952, 1969-1971; VP ‘67-‘68) and long-standing executive committee member of Virginia Society of Ornithology (Chairman of various sections, too)[49]
  2. Virginia Society of Ornithology (VSO) James W. Eike Service Award created in his honor in 1984 [50][51]
  3. Papers held by Smithsonian Institution Archives – over 111 field books – part of Field Book Registry
  1. Expedition organized as first big post-presidency event for Theodore Roosevelt
  2. Theodore Roosevelt and son Kermit and Smithsonian-sponsored scientists
  3. Amassed a collection of 23,151 natural history specimens, totaling 160 species of carnivores, ungulates, rodents, insectivores, and bats
  4. All Field Books held by SIA & NMNH


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  1. On Expedition: Theodore Roosevelt, Edgar Alexander Mearns, John Alden Loring - On Expedition
  2. On Expedition: Kermit Roosevelt - Kermit Roosevelt
  3. On Expedition: Theodore Roosevelt - Theodore Roosevelt
  4. East African Lion Exhibit - National Museum of Natural History exhibit
  5. Specimens form the Roosevelt Safari - Taxidermist at work
  1. John Alden Loring
  1. Doris Mable Cochran
  2. Doris Mable Cochran with Snake
  3. Doris Mable Cochran working with Collections
  4. Doris Mable Cochran holding frog
  1. Cleofe Calderon and Thomas R. Soderstrom examining bamboo samples
  1. Mary Agnes Chase collecting plants in Brazil
  2. Mary Agnes Chase, Clarissa Rolfs and group on Expedition