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Vaccine Safety Editathon - August 28, 2020       @WikimediaDC

WHO's HQ in Geneva
WHO's HQ in Geneva

The World Health Organization has named vaccine hesitancy, or anti-vaccination, as one of the top ten threats to global health in 2019. At the same time, the spread of health-related misinformation has fueled concerns about the potential dangers or inefficacy of vaccines.

Wikipedia is an important resource for up-to-date, accurate vaccine information, and it is currently one of the most frequently visited sites for healthcare information worldwide.

To help expand Wikipedia’s existing vaccine-related content, Wikimedia DC and NewsQ in partnership with WHO’s Vaccine Safety Network are organizing a pilot editathon to evaluate and improve Wikimedia content about vaccines, including vaccine safety.

The event will be attended by Wiki Project Medicine users, members of the healthcare community, and anyone interested in promoting accurate vaccine information online. Training will be provided -- so no experience is necessary to join the event!

Participation in this event is by invitation. After this pilot editing event we hope to have a series of open events.


Friday, August 28, 2020 10 am–12:30 pm ET


Agenda via Etherpad

Please sign in[edit]

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2) Scroll down on the page that follows and click 'Save changes'. Your username will then be added to the list of attendees.

Wikimedia policies, quick tips and related resources[edit]


Vaccine safety Edit-a-thon Editing Training Slides.pdf

Suggested worklist[edit]

Please use this Etherpad document to share what you are currently edting. This will help to prevent cross-editing (two more more editors working on the same article simultaneously). Cross-editing can result in the loss of your edits.

Low expertise[edit]

More organizations are listed here. Here is a sample article on GAVI that can be used for inspiration.

Medium expertise[edit]

Wikipedia lacks information about the vaccination situation of many countries of the world.

For more countries, resources and tips, please visit this page.

High expertise[edit]

Please find more general topics listed here or from the Listeria list here.

Related Categories: Each contains an extensive article list

Related WikiProjects to include on talk pages

Resource List[edit]

Here is a LINK to reliable sources from organisations publishing on vaccine safety related topics, it includes reports, blog posts, databases, maps, news articles etc.

References from above[edit]

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