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National Museum of Women in the Arts
2016 Art+Feminism
Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
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When and Where
Date:Sunday, March 6, 2016
Time:10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Address:National Museum of Women in the Arts
1250 New York Ave. NW (Map)
City/State:Washington, DC 20005
Attendees at the 2015 Women in the Arts Edit-a-thon
Attendees at the 2014 Women in the Arts Edit-a-thon
Attendees at the 2013 Women in the Arts Edit-a-thon

In honor of Women's History Month and the ArtAndFeminism Wikipedia Project, the National Museum of Women in the Arts is organizing and hosting the fourth annual Women in the Arts workshop and edit-a-thon. The event will focus on improving Wikipedia entries related to notable women artists and art world figures. Activities will include new editor orientation and training. Coffee and lunch are generously provided courtesy of Wikimedia DC.

Please be aware of our Safe Space Policy.

Event information[edit]

  • Date: Sunday, March 6, 2016
  • Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Who: Anyone with a laptop! No advanced technical skills required!
    While all participants of all genders are welcome to sign up, this event is focused on encouraging women editors.
  • What to bring: Photo ID and a laptop computer (extension cords and power strips are also nice)
  • Where:
  • RSVP required: Sign up directly below or email This event is free of charge, but we will need an advance count of attendees.

Those working on articles and are on social media should list the page they are working on and add #NowEditingAF. This will show up on Art and Feminism's Social Media Dashboard. You should look there too to scan anyone you're looking to work on.

Virtual participation[edit]

Can't make it to the event? You can participate online! Here's how it works:


  • To encourage inexperienced editors (especially women) and show them how they can contribute to Wikipedia
  • To improve a selection of Wikipedia articles related to women artists, critics, dealers, and other women in the visual arts
  • To increase awareness of the research resources freely available through libraries, archives, and museums


Women in the Arts Meetup & Edit-a-Thon - Schedule
Time Activity Location
10:00 Meet Great Hall at National Museum of Women in the Arts

1250 New York Ave. NW Washington, D.C.

10:00-11:00 Welcome and editing tutorial: Art+Feminism Lesson Plan
11:00-2:00 Research and Edit
12:00 Lunch and coffee generously provided by Wikimedia DC


  1. Do I need to have any Wikipedia experience to participate? No experience required! However, you may wish to register a user account on Wikipedia in advance of the event.
  2. Do I need to have extensive knowledge on visual arts? Nope! You will be finding information about the artists through our resources. The important thing is knowing how to choose a good source to get your information from.
  3. your question here

List of articles we will be working on[edit]

Volunteers should feel free to add the names of notable women in the arts who need a better Wikipedia presence, especially ones whose articles could be improved by the inclusion of research resources from the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The list is not intended to be comprehensive, but rather to provide a starting point for work by edit-a-thon participants. If you are not sure where to start, don't hesitate to ask for help! Please add the #ArtAndFeminism tag to all edits on Wikipedia made for this event.

Existing articles in need of improvement or expansion[edit]

  1. Suggested Topics from Art+Feminism
  2. WikiProject Women artists Worklist
  3. Kati Horna
  4. Chakaia Booker

New article requests[edit]

  1. See: Requested articles to be created from WikiProject Women Artists

Resources for citations and images[edit]

Websites, library catalogs, & databases[edit]

Image sources[edit]

National Museum of Women in the Arts[edit]

Images of works created before 1923 from the National Museum of Women in the Arts Collection Highlights Page can be added to the appropriate Wikipedia page. Artists with images include Cecilia Beaux, Rosalba Carriera, Lavinia Fontana, Ellen Day Hale, Angelica Kauffman, Judith Leyster, Berthe Morisot, Clara Peeters, Elisabetta Sirani, Anne Vallayer-Coster, and many more.

Smithsonian American Art Museum[edit]

Numerous works of art appear on the American Art Museum website, though many have copyright restrictions. If you have questions about the specifics of using a particular image, talk to SAAM staff.

Additional resources[edit]

Adding a Sandbox[edit]

If you have a username, you can create your own sandbox in your userspace. You can find your user sandbox here. (And if it doesn't exist yet, feel free to create it!) For easy access, there is a "Sandbox" link at the top right of every page. You can also put {{My sandbox}} on your userpage.

Choosing the best form of name[edit]

Need help choosing the best form of name for a new biographical article? Try Getty Union List of Artists Names and/or Library of Congress Name Authorities

Useful templates for artists[edit]

Adding artist infoboxes[edit]

The template for artist infoboxes is here: Template:Infobox artist

Artist stub templates[edit]

Article under construction template[edit]

  • {{under construction | placedby = | comment = Article in progress, [[Wikipedia:Meetup/DC/Women in the Arts 2016]] }}

Artist biography article template[edit]

Help after the event[edit]

  • The Wikipedia Teahouse, a friendly place to ask questions and help new editors get started
  • WikiProject Women Artists, an ongoing WikiProject dedicated to ensuring quality and coverage of biographies of women artists
  • N.B. There is an IRC channel if online participants need help:

Results / Outcomes[edit]

Articles created[edit]

  1.   Kati Horna, Hungarian-born Mexican photographer
  2.   Alma Eikerman
  3.   Draft:Association of San Francisco Women Artists

Articles improved[edit]

  1. Anne Noggle, WWII aviator and photographer; improved footnotes and sectioning and links to this article
  2. Leslie Labowitz-Starus, a Los Angeles-based performance artist; reorganized article, added contents box and artist infobox, updated two citations
  3. Kay Brown (Artist)
  4. WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution
  5. Imogene Robinson Morrell
  6. Judy Pfaff
  7. Nancy Spero
  8. Louise Bourgeois
  9. Elizabeth Murray (artist)
  10. Chakaia Booker
  11. Dindga McCannon
  12. Molly Bang
  13. List of feminist art magazines
  14. Suzy Lee
  15. Betye Saar
  16. Sylvia Plachy
  17. Shantell Martin
  18. Claudette Johnson
  19. Judy Baca
  20. Henrietta Shore

Media coverage[edit]


External links[edit]

Participants - Sign Up Here![edit]

Event organizer Heatherslania (left) and Wikimedia DC President James Hare (right)
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Wikipedians editing

Prior to the event:

  1. Do you have a Wikipedia User Name?
    No? Create a Wikipedia account
    Yes? Go to Step #2
  2. Sign up! Add your Wikipedia User Name to this section by clicking the blue button below (follow instructions). Your name will be added to the bottom of this page
Don't worry! If you haven't edited Wikipedia before and don't have a Wikipedia User Name yet, we will help you on the day of the event! And remember to have fun!

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