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2013 Great American Wiknic

Detroit Gathering

Who should come? You should. Really.
If you are interested in Wiki, Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects, regardless of your level of experience or involvement, or if you are otherwise involved with free content you are invited and welcome.

The gathering will include some refreshments and snacks - as we will be self organized about this.

What, Where, and When?[edit]

  • Where - Cass Cafe, Cass Corridor, Detroit
  • When - Saturday, June 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM
    • traffic from the Martin Luther King march should be less at this time too.


In the absence of any one of us making a proposal :-) I am suggesting / proposing the Cass Cafe in the Cass Corridor (next to Wayne State University). Best, MarkDilley

Possible venues for an event very close today:

  • Frog Island in Ypsi is a great place.
  • Belle Isle or Rouge Park in Detroit would be wonderful locations.
  • Hart Plaza would also be great
  • Eastern Market or a maybe a well known State park are good ideas (Kensington, Mayberry, Heritage Park)...
  • DETROIT (city of) Eastern Market area : traditional covered farmer's market, with stalls. Plenty of restaurants in area, and very close to most of the landmarks of Detroit: Riverfront, Hart Plaza (water fountain, tables, benches), Greek Town, Tiger Stadium, Ford Field, Detroit Institute of Arts, etc. etc.
  • Combining the outing with a Farmer's Market-type locale? Free admission; all sorts of refreshments available a la carte; areas available to sit and eat and talk. Parking available. Plenty of stuff to do before or after the WikNic, so people can make a day of it, sightseeing or whatever.
  • I can think of two places that fit the bill, easy to get to, major highway access, parking, etc

Ann Arbor[edit]

ANN ARBOR has Kerrytown Market, which has farmer stands as well as permanent (indoor) stores and food sales. Zingerman's across the street has PLENTY of indoor and outdoor group-oriented seating. And great food. Lots of restaurants nearby, too. And public parks.

And UnivMich campus areas - we could meet in The Diag (park like area in center of campus).
Museums are close. Public transportation all over; easy to walk, too - its a small city.
Many more benefits than I can write.

Grand Rapids Location[edit]

  • What about Grand Rapids? I'd like to make something like that happen. From Detroit, and passionate about wiki and Grand Rapids.
Id like to see A Grand Rapids Wiknic!
Yeah it would be nice if it happened in Grand Rapids.

Sign up[edit]

you can sign up on the wiki below:

Likely attendees[edit]

  1. MarkDilley
  2. Karel Mourek
  3. Bradley Mock
  4. Arka Bhattacharya
  5. Robert Glide
  6. Sharan Kalwani

Possible attendees[edit]

Lori (talk) 01:24, 17 June 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Salina Sanchez


I forgot my username for wikipedia, but I really feel bad for missing out on an event that could be really cool