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East Skinner Butte
Historic District
East Skinner Butte Historic District (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
When and Where
Date March 2014
Location Eugene, Oregon

For the month of March 2014, WikiProject Oregon is organizing a photography campaign for Eugene's East Skinner Butte Historic District. If you are interested in participating, please sign up below!


Instructions and inspiration

In order to upload photographs, you'll need to create an account on Wikimedia Commons if you do not have one.

Contributing properties

Name Address Photographed? Image
Victorian Cottage 188 High Street Yes 188 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Victorian Cottage 212 High Street Yes 212 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Queen Anne Victorian 240-2 High Street Yes 240 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Apartment House 260 East 2nd Avenue No
Colonial Bungalow 259 East 2nd Avenue Yes 259 East Second Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Apartment House 235 East 2nd Avenue Yes 235 East Second Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Colonial Bungalow 240 East 2nd Avenue Yes 240 East Second Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Colonial Bungalow 224 East 2nd Avenue Yes 224 East Second Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Transitional Box 215 East 2nd Avenue Yes 215 East Second Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Colonial Bungalow 208 East 2nd Avenue Yes 208 East Second Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Structure 205 East 2nd Avenue Yes 205 East Second Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Ankeny House 212 Pearl Street Yes 212 Pearl Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Wheeler House 245 Pearl Street Yes 245 Pearl Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Campbell House 252 Pearl Street Yes 252 Pearl Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Vacant Land No
Bungalow 284 Pearl Street Yes 284 Pearl Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Bungalow 298 Pearl Street Yes 298 Pearl Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Watts House 335 Pearl Street Yes 335 Pearl Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Apartment House 210 East 3rd Avenue Yes 210 East Third Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Koppe House 205 East 3rd Avenue Yes 205 East Third Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Colonial Bungalow 221 East 3rd Avenue Yes 221 East Third Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Pironi House 235 East 3rd Avenue Yes 235 East Third Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Cogswell-Miller House 246 East 3rd Avenue Yes 246 East Third Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Bungalow 258 East 3rd Avenue Yes 258 East Third Avenue (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Structure 262 High Street Yes 262 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
McAllister House 286 High Street Yes 286 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Henderson House 260 High Street Yes 260 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Structure 306 High Street Yes 306 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Italianate Cottage 344 East 3rd Avenue No
A-1 Auto Glass 315 High Street Yes A1 Auto Glass (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Transitional Box 320 High Street Yes 320 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Mims House 330 High Street Yes 330 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Gothic Farmhouse 340 High Street Yes 336 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Transitional Box 341-3 High Street Yes 341 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg
Ham House 347 1/2 High Street Yes 347 High Street (Eugene, Oregon).jpg



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Categories created: 306 High Street, Ankeny House, Campbell House (Eugene, Oregon), Emil Koppe House, Ham House (Eugene, Oregon), Henderson House (Eugene, Oregon), McAlister House, Mims House, Pironi House, Watts House, Wheeler House

Overall, more than 10 categories were created and more than 75 images were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons!


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