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Wikipedia Kuala Lumpur Meetup 2
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The Wikipedia Kuala Lumpur Meetup 2 (the 5th Wikipedia Malaysia Meetup) was the Wikipedia meetup to enact and agree for the establishment of Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia. The meetup was held on:

Things to bring[edit]

  • Laptop or tablet
  • Notebook/pen/pencil
  • Portable modem (there may be no access to Wi-Fi at the venue)
  • Multiple cable extensions (to accommodate other laptop/tablet users of electricity)
  • Camera (for group photo shooting)



  • The past Wikimedia Conference 2017 in Germany
  • Formation of Wikimedia Malaysia User Group
  • Creative Commons
  • Coordination for East Malaysia-related affairs
  • Malay Wikipedia (
  • The upcoming Wikipedia East, Southeast Asia & Pacific Conference 2018 in Indonesia
  • Training for newcomer Wikipedia editors
  • Others

Minutes of Meeting[edit]

Wikimedia Malaysia User Group[edit]

  • Introduction about Wikimedia Malaysia User Group
  • Steps to form the user group
  • Expression of interest from the attendees to form

Wikipedia East, Southeast Asia & Pacific Conference 2018[edit]

  • Introduction about Wikipedia East, Southeast Asia & Pacific Conference 2018
  • To follow up on the link for committee and volunteers registration

Scope and languages of Wikimedia Malaysia[edit]

  • Any article about Malaysia in en.wikipedia (English), zh.wikipedia (Chinese) and ta.wikipedia (Tamil)
  • Any article in ms.wikipedia (Malay)
  • Need to expand articles in those language, and also to start making Wikipedia in indigenous languages of Malaysia, especially Iban (as the largest speaker)
  • To find editors with high writing fluency in Chinese, Tamil and Iban

Next meetup[edit]

  • Want to do all over Malaysia especially in East Malaysia and east coast states in Peninsular Malaysia.

Blog citation[edit]


  • Reference for the Malaysia article is very little.
  • Almost hundreds of articles on Malaysia's lack of reference. such as:
    • Articles regarding of the place (district, region and state; travel places)
  • Referring blog is not any blog. Many contributors blog experts about tourist attractions.
  • What is written by them more compact and accurate than official website.
  • Sometimes the official website very heavy when opened even with a fast internet; cause the information to refer require much time.
  • Wikipedia embrace the concept of "quick info" for that reason is called the "Wiki" (meaning "quick" in Hawaiian "wiki-wiki")

So many people around the world refer to Wikipedia to find them, especially settlements and travel info as Google Map personally take information directly from the Wikipedia of a place.

Blog reference should be avoided[edit]

  • Reference about the lives and safety:
    • The content of the medication
    • Chemistry
    • Related human medicine
  • Reference current news:
    • Political
    • Controversy
    • Conflicted countries
    • Please avoid references to political blogs and controversial biography which applies to a person's life.

How to filter all the information from the blog?[edit]

  • List of blogs credible information given as of experts.
  • Sort according to the degree of each information will be cited in the blog.
  • Blogs that want to be included, must be proposed/discussed before being approved as a reference.
    • Blogs are written in colloquial/abbreviations (no matter what language whatsoever) will not be accepted.


  • Reference blog can only be placed in the article about Malaysia alone!
  • References are included must be independent from one point of view only. Better in neutral view.

Revive WikiProject Jawi[edit]

  • This WikiProject is still running but in a very slow pace since last 2014. The founder of this project is Kurniasan.
  • Currently, the project is transliting every word, not every syllable word instead.
  • Upgrade the code to translit every syllable that does not comply with the personal dictionary.
  • May refer the translit codes in Wiktionary like wikt:Module:el-translit. This module uses wikt:Module:headword as the principal display. All of these modules may be adapted to the Malay Wikipedia. Perhaps a series of experiments will take place in the nearest future.

Removing the header Jawi[edit]

Headers using Jawi as in the article ms:Batu Pahat, is very unprofessional. We know this way only Jawi is preserved. So with the Jawi project, we do not have to worry about the extinction of this writing, even more professional in article view.

How to display the Jawi script?[edit]

You can see how to use the Jawi project to your account as described in ms:Wikipedia:WikiProjek Jawi. At this time, the display works only on a article than other namespace (eg. Wikipedia, Template, Help, etc.).

P/S: Only work with Malay words in Malay Wikipedia only

Here is a look after using it.

View in browser
Roman Jawi
Roman script view for WikiProject Jawi in Malay Wikipedia.jpg Jawi script view for WikiProject Jawi in Malay Wikipedia.jpg


  • To list down any important Malaysia-related article in en.wikipedia to be translated into ms.wikipedia

External engagement[edit]

  • To start to engage with external parties, especially universities, galleries, institutions etc


Public transport[edit]

Self driving[edit]

- Key-in Feeka Coffee Roaster in Waze or Google Map
- Address: 19, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
- Coordinate: 3°08'55.3"N 101°42'30.2"E

Disability access[edit]

The venue is located on ground floor in a landed building with easy wheelchair access.

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