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Coordinates: 3°10′14.2″N 101°42′39.9″E / 3.170611°N 101.711083°E / 3.170611; 101.711083

WCUG did an informal sharing with a few staffs from the Digital Department of the National Library of Malaysia. Wikipedia Kuala Lumpur Meetup 5
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The Wikipedia Kuala Lumpur Meetup 6 (the 19th Wikipedia Malaysia Meetup) was the 6th Wikipedia meetup held at the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. The meetup was the first held at a library. The meetup was held on:

Things to bring[edit]

  • Laptop
  • Notebook/pen/pencil
  • Camera (for group photo shooting)



  • Wikimedia
  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • Wikipedia in Malaysia
  • Wikidata
  • Future Wikipedia workshops

Minutes of Meeting[edit]

Contact point[edit]

Nor Shamsinar Binti Baharom
Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia
Bahagian Pengurusan Projek Digital
+603-26871834 (P)

Pn.Nor contacted MYMMMC via WhatsApp. She was informed by her colleague [TO IDENTIFY] to arrange a sharing by WCUGM for the library's 'Technology Talk' series sharing sessions that started at 9am on 12/12/2018. We were to be given a 30 min slot on 12/12/20018 at 11. This contact was the result of WCUGM's invitation to 2018 World Library and Information Congress (WLIC 2018) organized by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).


  • Zahuddin Sidek, BRSP
  • Nor Shamisar Baharom, PMO Digital
  • Suzilawati Salamat, BKD
  • Norzehan Razali, PMO Digital
  • Nur Azidah Azizan, BTM
  • Zuliana Ab Rashid, BGLM
  • Norazlan Norden, BTM

Presentation Content[edit]

Slides used for Wikipedia:Meetup/Kuala Lumpur 3 were informally shared. Slides used for Wikipedia:Meetup/Kuala Lumpur 4 were informally shared.

Reaction, Discussion, Analysis[edit]

  1. Only one of seven attendees are familiar with editing.
  2. Majority of were unfamiliar with the basics: nature of Wikis, Wikipedia, WikiProjects, volunteer editors, Language editions, 5 Pillars, editing, Wikimedia, Wikimedia Foundation and its "agenda", etc.
  3. Skepticism and questions on its quality, anonymous accounts, potentials remains; much of it came from their uni education.

How Can Wikimedia Assist PNM?[edit]

  1. Wikipedia as an upstream site to PNM, boosting their traffic (recent check on Alexa traffic analysis puts this feature out)
  2. Direct contact with some top editors
  3. Relevant sharing & workshops
  4. Digital commons assistance (PNM has a collection of ancient manuscripts)

How Can PNM Assist Wikimedia?[edit]

  1. Scepticism and greater interests from professional circles of Wikimedia
  2. Consideration of Wiki / the group withins PNM's projects/ goals
  3. Expert knowledge (Jawi usage, guidance in a settling of article quality disputes, etc.)
  4. Understanding of what is 'Wikipedia in Malaysia' via Daniel's thesis.

Potential Short-Term Actions[edit]

  1. Initial contact was to arrange for a talk on Wikidata, but the awareness and good will are more important for now.
  2. Identify personnel within the library's numerous departments that are keen on Wikimedia
  3. Prepare well for the January presentation that could include the director of PNM in its audience.
  4. Identify clearer idea of potential relationship

Overall this is a nice small step towards institutional relationships/partnership.


Public transport[edit]

Self driving[edit]

- Key-in Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia in Waze or Google Map
- Address: No. 232, Jalan Tun Razak, 50572 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- Coordinate: 3°10'14.2"N 101°42'39.9"E

Disability access[edit]

The passage to the venue was equipped with elevator.

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